Twitter Challenge:

Describe the plot of a famous film in just six words.

Kansas teen visits Oz, kills two.

Dumb blonde loses shoe, becomes queen.

Nanny’s spoonful of medicine causes hallucinations.

Despite misleading title, Mission proves possible.

Shark kills people. People kill shark.

People make dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat people.

Russian admiral speaks with Scottish accent.

Han shoots first. Director destroys franchise.

Boat hits iceberg. Cameron cashes in.

Tolkien Trilogy Many Entries These Best :

Weird Bald Thingy Wants The Ring

Hobbit goes on journey with Ring.

Hobbit continues on journey with Ring.

Hobbit throws Ring into a volcano.


Chrissy designates as Number Two Favorite:

Determined Hobbit tries out for football.

Chrissy designates as Number One Favorite:

Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day.


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6 responses to “#SixWordFilmPlots

  1. chrissythehyphenated


    • Ting

      Well, I was getting a big kick out of all these clever twitter movie summaries, but now I am on pins and needles after reading that article, GP. Will the GOP in Congress have what it takes to pursue this? I’m not sure that they do. Hope I am wrong….


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I had a dream last night that the Dems have something on Boehner and just allow him to throw us Wingnuts a bone now and then to keep us quiet, because they own the Senate and the WH, so the House can’t really do squat about anything. But when a vote really matters, he’ll do what he’s told.

        I’ve never been a cynical person; in fact, it’s something I’ve rather despised in others. But I’ve watched with eager anticipation for the media to turn on His Selfishness, only to see them get kicked again and again and keep on licking his boots.

        I’ve watched with eager anticipation for the Birth Certificate thing to really break, the way Watergate broke. Yet nothing happens. In all 50 States, there has not been a single judge or electoral official with the guts to challenge this man’s credentials. How is that? This is AMERICA.

        In 2008, Clinton voters and white voters were threatened at the polls, Clinton won the primary on election votes, then had it stolen from her at the convention by the people who had decided to elevate Teh Won. Nothing was done, except to demonize anyone who even tried to ask the obvious questions.

        Now I’m seeing tens of thousands of reports of outright, blatant, in your face reports of electoral FRAUD seemingly disappear. I remember the hanging chads. That was ONE DISTRICT and the furor went on for weeks and weeks. Even after SCOTUS said Bush won, the Dems whined for 8 years about how the GOP had stolen the election.

        Either I’ve succumbed to the allure of cynicism or else I’ve simply faced up to overwhelming evidence that this isn’t my country anymore.


        • GP

          You instincts are right. I have no doubt that they have plenty on the Cryer. This is the MO of the MOB. They get the goods on their enemies (keep your enemies close) and that keeps their power. This is how it has been done to ruin IL, and what they are doing to ruin the USA. In the end, it creates voter apathy and there are no checks to their power. They become the ultimate rulers.
          Again, look to IL. The GOP here became a joke because they were all on the same page as the dems. People got fed up because “they’re all crooked” and stopped bothering to vote. Now we have a one party system that cannot be overturned because they have rigged the whole system.
          Our only hope is that we get real jounalists willing to endure reputation and death threats for the good of the country. Otherwise, our liberty is gone.