Our Little Book

During an interview on gun control, arrogant anti-gun Brit Piers Morgan sneered at our Constitution, calling it “Your Little Book”, then said anyone who believes in the rationale behind the Second Amendment is “absurd.”

Tweeters replied:

#YourLittleBook was the byproduct of kicking #YourLittleButts in 1776.

#YourLittleBook is the constitution of America something that you don’t understand.

#YourLittleBook gives you the right to have your own talk show. Go back to Britain.

#YourLittleBook was written aftr last time an arrogant Englishman tried taking r guns &liberty

I suspect Piers is no fan of that other “little book” either, the Declaration of Independence.

A revolution was fought so #YourLittleBook could exist. People gave everything for it. Shame on you for ridiculing it, @piersmorgan.

It was #YourLittleBook that kept you from being deported. You should appreciate it more.

#YourLittleBook is the reason why so many have fought and died for this country. A little more #respect for the #Constitution!

If the US Constitution is a #yourlittlebook, the Magna Carta is TP

I think @piersmorgan should go back to “his little island.”

Apparently we can add history books to the list of #YourLittleBook that @piersmorgan hasn’t read if he thinks govts. never turn tyrannical.

@piersmorgan has forgotten that #YourLittleMagnaCarta was the beginning of allowing U to mouth off abt anything

Funny that #libtards like @PiersMorgan hate the #2ndAmendment, yet embrace #freespeech when confronted. #YourLittleBook

I’d like to smack @piersmorgan upside the head with #YourLittleBook. Wait, would that make it an assault book?

The #littlemind of @piersmorgan cannot grasp the ideas in #YourLittleBook

@piersmorgan is an insufferable narcissist cad and bore. No wonder Obama likes him. They both hate #OurLittleBook

I’m still trying to find in #YourLittleBook the Constitution where the president has the authority to issue an executive order.

#YourLittleBook kept his grandparents from speaking German. How quickly he’s forgotten.

Piers Morgan’s little book is red has a picture of a guy who killed millions of unarmed civilians

The Communist Manifesto = Mao’s Little Book

His Little Book

#YourLittleBook is the foundation of this government. You don’t get to pick the parts you like and pretend the other parts don’t exist.

That little book protects your right to be an ass on television.

Someone should go on a UK show and talk about “your little Queen”

#YourLIttleBook is why the United States had the Power to save Europe…..twice.

@piersmorgan What is so difficult for u to understand when it comes to the difference between a “need” and a “right”?

#YourLittleBook, Piers Morgan, inspired my parents to escape from Soviet communism in Lithuania to freedom here in America 27 years ago.

My father fought on Iwo Jima for #YourLittleBook.

#YourLittleBook is something I’m willing to die for…

#YourLittleBook formed the foundation of the freeest, most humane, & wealthiest society on planet Earth.

Thousands have died for #YourLittleBook.

It’s a book I love.

And it is the heart and soul of this great nation.

#YourLittleBook Is the highest law in the land.

#YourLittleBook is the greatest document that is not divinely inspired.

#YourLittleBook abolished slavery.

#YourLittleBook gave women the right to vote.

#YourLittleBook is what inspires countries across the world 2 be free w/in their own borders.

#YourLittleBook is not what we were, but who we ARE and who we will always be.

#YourLittleBook Enabled this country to create the greatest expansion of human rights, freedom and prosperity in all of human history.

#YourLittleBook is the last line of defense between the U.S. being a free & prosperous nation & falling under the hand of tyranny again.

#YourLittleBook … is the reason this immigrant loves the United States and wouldn’t live anywhere else but here.

#YourLittleBook is the blue print that helped build 1 of the most successful countries in the west that was finally able 2 be free.

#YourLittleBook is what keeps us from being oppressed by smug, self-righteous little fascists like @piersmorgan”

Many of my relatives died in the holocaust because they DIDN’T have weapons. #YourLittleBook

I used to be a little sympathetic to Piers until #yourlittlebook .

The #YourLittleBook mentality sums up the problem with liberals.

#YourLittleBook is the backbone of the country you live in, Piers, try to remember that.

The 1st Amendment is what allows you to spew your crap about the 2d.

#YourLittleBook In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury #tcot

#YourLittleBook Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…shall exist within the United States

#YourLittleBook protects your right to be unfettered by illegal searches. The TSA should read it.

#YourLittleBook The right of the people to be secure … against unreasonable searches and seizures

Piers Morgan looked at @benshapiro’s copy of the US Constitution like it was a Two Girls, One Cup video.

No, he would have shown the video more respect.


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18 responses to “Our Little Book

  1. GP

    If you want to give back the freedom for our small farmers to prosper, get on the phone and call congress with support for this bill:

    I am Joel Salatin, co-owner of Polyface Farm near Staunton in the Shenandoah
    Valley. We own and lease about 1,500 acres and produce salad bar beef,
    pastured poultry–eggs, broilers, and turkeys, pigearator pork, forage-based
    rabbits, and lumber from our 450 acre forest, selling everything directly
    through our on-farm store and our own distribution network to some 6,000
    families and 50 restaurants within four hours’ drive of the farm.
    My mom and dad purchased the farm in 1961 and we now have four generations
    living and working the farm, in addition to a 20-person staff–that&# 39;s a lot
    of jobs for a little family farm operation.
    We’re zoned agricultural, which means it’s illegal for us to have a
    woodworking shop to turn our own trees into children’ s toys or furniture.
    It’s illegal for us to process our own beef and pork. Indeed, calves born
    and raised on the farm must be exported from the county in order for us to
    sell a T-bone steak to a neighbor. We’d like to cure our hams, but not only
    can we not process the pork on the farm; we can’t cure the ham because
    that’s a manufactured product, illegal in agricultural zones. Some of our
    staff of fulltime bright eyed bushy tailed young farmers want to live on the
    farm–we have lumber, garden space, and why commute from town?–but housing
    for them is illegal on agricultural land.
    I could go on in this vein at length, but I hope you get the picture: almost
    everything I want to do is illegal! But these illegal activities are
    critical for farm viability. Anyone desiring to preserve farms must preserve
    farmers first. Encouraging profitable farmers is the cornerstone of farmland
    Our current Right to Farm legislation only preserves the right of farmers to
    produce raw commodities at low margins to be value added by off-site
    processors, marketers, and distributors. The result is a few gigantic farms
    and a fundamentally segregated food and farming system.
    How did we go from a historically normal integrated system–the kind that
    attracts millions to Colonial Williamsburg — to today’s abnormal segregated
    system? The change occurred naturally as our culture moved from an agrarian
    economy to an industrial economy. With cheap fuel and transportation, and a
    limited accounting system that did not measure resource depletion or
    pollution, agriculture followed the industrialized factory manufacturing
    model. The farm-sized industry of yesteryear gave way to mega-sized smelly
    not-in-my-backyard neighbor-insulting factory producers and processors.
    The combination of repugnant factory farms and mega-processing facilities
    stripped traditional farm value adding enterprises from the definition of
    farming. The butcher, baker, and candlestick maker historically practicing
    their crafts proximate to animals and grain were summarily dismissed from
    their rural roots and relocated to mega-processing facilities far away. In
    today’s legislative and cultural lingo, farmers have been relegated to
    peasant status producing only raw materials for the lords and barons of
    commerce; a feudal economy. Peasants can’t have festivals, parties,
    recreation and education–those activities can’t occur near cows, sows, and
    Today, this factory food and farming paradigm is breaking up as surely and
    profoundly as gunpowder destroyed feudalism and the Guttenberg press fanned
    the Reformation. As democratization, micro-sighting, business transparency
    and anti-fragility move through our culture, farmer entrepreneurs and savvy,
    connected consumers are creating a tsunami of integrated localization
    From micro-breweries to backyard commercial kitchens, neighbor-friendly,
    appropriately- scaled integrity and artisanal farm food businesses yearn to
    be free from a fundamentally segregationist mentality–that farms are not
    hubs of economic activity, but simply places to produce raw commodities for
    further processing elsewhere. HB 1430 emancipates entrepreneurial farmers
    like me from a segregationist enslavement, and frees us up to process beef
    near the field where the cows live, to make chairs near the forest where the
    trees grow, and to make quiche near where the chickens lay their eggs.

    HB 1430 is back to the future. That we even have to enact a law that allows
    the kind of rural economy exhibited only in living history museums like
    Williamsburg speaks to how far our culture has strayed from common sense. I
    beg that these shackles that bind our farm businesses, that keep us from
    ministering to the food and fiber needs of our community, be unlocked. I
    expect opposition from two quarters.
    The first is the factory farming or industrial agriculture community that
    fears market competition from entrepreneurial farmers like me. Such
    opposition is of course selfish and myopic for the greater good. The other
    quarter is the environmentalism by abandonment crowd, the radical earth
    muffins and preservationists who believe nature is too sacrosanct to foul
    with human breath. These folks would rather see farms revert to wilderness
    areas for Bambi and Thumper. I guess they’ll get their food from China’s
    leftovers. I think participatory environmentalism is best, and populating
    our land with community-sensitive , ecologically imbedded viable farm
    businesses is the best way to satisfy the needs of the earth, the economy,
    and everybody.
    Everyone else–and that’s most of us– should see the value in HB 1430 as
    axiomatic, akin to assuming it would be a good thing if the sun rose
    tomorrow. So let’s give ourselves some freedom in order to better enjoy
    tomorrow’ s sunrise. Thank you.


  2. GP

    As for Piers Morgan–I am afraid he is loving this. His ratings were in the toilet before he took up the gun issue and now everyone is talking about him. I suggest we go back to ignoring the smuck. He is just looking for ratings.


  3. GP

    another graphic that makes the point:


  4. Violet

    Well, that little book just allowed me to add a lovely little magnum research desert baby eagle to my collection, and I’m not planning on parting with it anytime soon. Molon Labe, Piers… I’m sick of the one sided debate on guns.