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Texas leads the way

2013_01 08 Iowahawk tweets re Texas surplus

The Texas State Legislature begins its 2013 session with an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR budget SURPLUS. How is that possible when the Federal and most State governments are drowning in red ink? Well, it seems that back in 2011, the Texas Legislature cut spending (what a concept) and allowed a fracking boom (ooh eeevil, providing cheap energy to Americans). Not only is the State government flush, but the jobless rate in Texas is at 6.2%. Read the rest @ http://news.yahoo.com/texas-legislature-wrestle-over-unexpected-budget-surplus-184800547.html

Sadly, Democrats care more about ideology than success, so don’t look for BLUE gummints to pick up The Texas Ball and run with it.

Statist reforms - Common sense from Lawrence Reed

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Barry has deluded himself into thinking that nothing and no one can stop his lust for the power to control our lives.The Founding Fathers made our right to bear arms the second amendment for a reason.Does he think the police and the military would fire on law-abiding citizens on his sayso?It seems inevitable that this is coming.He has never understood the spirit that made this country what it was.There are things that a free people hold dear and are willing to die for.Liberals don’t understand that anymore.


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Persecution in America

2012_01 02 Matt Drudge tweets

In January of 2010, Pro-Abortion protesters illegally blocked the sidewalk outside a Louisville abortion clinic. Pro-Life sidewalk counselor David Hamilton walked through the Pro-Abortion line while speaking with a woman entering the abortion clinic and was arrested. The case was correctly dismissed.

Almost a year later, despite the fact it was pro-Abortion protesters who were blocking the sidewalk AND the case against Hamilton had been dropped at the local level, Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder filed charges against Hamilton under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.

This lawsuit was part of a campaign of intimidation on the part of the Pro-Abortion Obama Administration in which AG Holder filed numerous lawsuits against Pro-Lifers for trivial offenses that should have been and often were handled locally.

So far, the effort has been a colossal waste of taxpayer money and an outrageous abuse of the rights of American citizens whose only “crime” is to disagree with the anti-baby agenda of the Left-Wing thugs in Washington.

Due to the valiant efforts of the Life Legal Defense Foundation on behalf of individual citizens targeted by the massive, well-funded Department of Justice Obama machine, Hamilton’s case was recently dismissed without an injunction and without a fine.

This is good news. But the fact remains that charges like these should never see the light of day in the United States of America. Even worse, more serious cases, like the one pending against Hobby Lobby, continue.

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2013 Christian Persecution World Watch List

2013 Christian Persecution World Watch List


For the eleventh year running, this atheistic Communist nation is the most difficult place on Earth to be a Christian. Christians face arrest, detention, torture, even public execution.


In these Islamic nations, Christians risk imprisonment, lashing, deportation and torture. Muslims who convert to Christianity risk honour killings.


The government bans all but state-approved, registered Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran or Islamic groups. Anyone discovered to be an evangelical is tortured and forced to revert to the registered denominations. If they don’t, they are held in military camps without trial.

To view the situations in the other nations, go to http://www.worldwatchlist.us/.

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