Pollination at PoliNation

I offer this stunningly, heartbreakingly, goosebumpily beautiful video as today’s Praise to the Lord of Life!

h/t Bob


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7 responses to “Pollination at PoliNation

  1. Yikes! Hummingbird violence. Drone honey wrestling. Surrogate, inter-specie plant-animal sex. Vivid birth sequences. It was all too horrible! I tried to watch, but I couldn’t get past the mama bat dangling the baby bat over the cactus while she got a drink at the flower bar. Why did you post this, Chrissy? I’m starting on my nightmares early tonight! :shock:

    • chrissythehyphenated

      [He says as he clicks LIKE.]

      • You’re onto me. I would have clicked on a different button, but you didn’t have a HORROR button, or even a LIKE WITH SARCASM. ;) It was actually very beautiful; I especially like the slow-mo hummingbirds.

        This video was such a comic mix of wonderful things with the kinds of things that might nevertheless frighten children, that it reminded me of that episode of Friends where Phoebe tries to watch It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas because everyone tells her how inspiring it is, and she reacts with horror at all the terrible things that happen in the first 90 minutes. She says that things just kept getting worse and worse, and she finally couldn’t take anymore and turned it off just before the final scene where everything is resolved.

        • chrissythehyphenated

          IKWYM. I was uncomfortable with the bugs. Not a fan of critters with more than 4 legs. Wasn’t Phoebe the one who had never seen Old Yeller all the way to the end and was devastated to learn the dog died?

  2. GP

    Mother nature is God’s gift to our souls. It has the power to heal us in everyway.
    Sadly too many people race through life, and do not stop every day and give thanks for the miracles of creation.

  3. Bob

    This video gets ♡♡♡♡♡ (the bluebird of bitterness’s highest rating).