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CHEAP Essential Oils for Stinky Places

About Toilets: After cleaning the pot, I like to swish a half cup of Borax into the water and then drip 2 drops of some essential oil on top of the water. The oil spreads to create a film on the water and IMHO two drops is enough to cover the water sitting in the bowl. Lower the lid and leave it until next use. The toilet will smell super fresh and clean until someone does something stinky in there. However, I have it on good authority that if you drip essential oils into the pot before making a deposit, it works wonders to contain unpleasant gaseous uprisings into your air space.

Cost per use: ROUGHLY a 10 ml bottle will net you about 200 drops. Two drops of a $5.00 oil costs about a nickel … not counting shipping, tax, spillage or whatever else you might want to factor in.

When a bottle of essential oil gets low, the oil won’t drip out unless you pry out the plastic drippy thingie. I poke mine into an incense burner and leave it on the counter top. There’s a lot of good aroma in the plastic still available to help freshen the bathroom. When the bottles themselves are empty, I use them and the caps to freshen cupboards. They keep wafting good stuff into the air long after there isn’t enough liquid left to make a drop.

Incense burner and ess oil dripper plugs

Below are the cheapest, most potent and fresh-smelling oils I know of. Graphics are educational cards I made/make for myself and the girls. We have 3-ring binder style photo albums with pocket pages to keep our essential oil info. Links are to my dealer who is great on quality, customer service and cheap shipping. If you want to learn about essential oils in little bite-sized servings, sign up for her tip of the day.


Varieties of Eucalyptus: Globulus is the most common one bottled under the generic name Eucalyptus. (Note: Best sources list the Latin name on the label.) IMHO, Globulus is harsh smelling, Lemon is icky (I’d rather mix euc and lemon), Red River Gum is very nice, Radiata is okay but if I’m going to spring for a more expensive choice, I get Smithi which is gentler and the preferred choice for children and elderly. IOW, for potent fresh scent, I go with Red River Gum; for therapeutic use, I use Smithi.

10 ml bottles

$5.00 for Eucalyptus Lemon, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Red River Gum

$6.00 for Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Smithi



Varieties of Citrus: Strongest and freshest-smelling citrus are lemon, lime and orange.

10 ml bottles of Lemon and Lime are $6.00


10 ml bottles of Orange are $5.00



10 ml bottles of Pine are $5.00



10 ml bottles of Peppermint are $6.00

Note: Spearmint has similar therapeutic properties, but is sweeter and milder smelling. Both aromas are what you’d expect from using toothpaste all your life. 🙂


My oils
I keep my oils in unfinished wooden boxes I got at a craft store. I used a woodburner to decorate the outsides, then oiled the wood inside and out with vegetable oil. My favorite for this purpose is the pure olive oil that’s still green. It’s expensive, but I only use it for small craft projects, because I can’t stand the taste of olives. I bought a small bottle once because it gives the wood a richer tone than the oils I use for cooking. N.B., Avoid getting essential oils on painted (and some plastic) surfaces. Turpentine is an essential oil, if that gives you any clue as to why.


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Mascot Update

Check out our little superhero in his League of Incredible Vegetables t-shirt!

Lil Buzz went in for his first (of two) hearing tests, the one in a sound booth sitting on Mom’s lap. All results perfect! They have a month to practice wearing headphones before the second appointment. These aren’t due to any concerns, but because the doctor wants him to see a speech therapist, because he doesn’t talk yet. The insurance will pay for it, but only if they have hearing tests done first. So it’s mainly just to evaluate and probably end up reassuring all of us what we already think, which is that he will talk when he’s darn good and ready … just like his Daddy does.


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