A Special Merry Christmas to Grunt!

With all the goofiness we’ve had in this wonderful garden spot lately, I noticed a decided LACK in the Grunt of Monte Cristo jokes. Finally, I not only found his doppelganger, but also the Secret Weapon for getting der Grunt-meister to do vateffer ve vant !  Boowahahahaha.


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7 responses to “A Special Merry Christmas to Grunt!

  1. Holy Schamoley, Chrissy! How did you get that video of me from my wife! 😯 Funny stuff! Merry Christmas to you and your fine family, CtH and to all the other Garden-Dwellers!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ::hee hee:: There was another one where she got you to take a bath by dumping Cheerios in the water ….. I decided not to post it. You’re welcome. ;o)


  2. GP

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2013 will bring us all some good news!


  3. Happy Christmas from Australia.

    We are having a busy time with family. We took a day trip to the Hunter Valley wineries on Christmas Eve. The family came for Christmas Day… and it was full on with Nathan!!


    • Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Aussie!

      I had a full house — one husband, one teenager, one son, girlfriend of son, two small children of son’s girlfriend, one married daughter and her husband… everyone was here except my eldest (who will be coming for a visit in February so that she can see her little sister [aka the teenager] perform in “The Pirates of Penzance”). The day went remarkably well, given how stressed out I usually get when I’m hosting a family gathering… and the two small children were remarkably well-behaved, especially given their ages, the fact that it was Christmas, and the fact that they were getting dragged to a strange place where there were a lot of people they didn’t know and where they were the only little kids. I remarked to my son afterward how nice and well-behaved they were, and he smiled and said he’d mention that to their mother, who (according to him) had been very nervous about bringing them here. 🙂

      Oh, and the homemade cookies (made by the teenager) and the ice cream (made by me) were really good, too…. which compensated for the fact that the roast was a little overdone. 😀


      • We had my grandson, and his parents. My other son, his pregnant partner, plus her son (who is mildly autistic) plus my oldest son and his wife.

        My little grandson spent a lot of time running and laughing. The other little boy seemed to be restless. His mild autism means he has a few problems relating to people, he does not speak very clearly but he has been improving since starting school. I did observe that he is very sensitive when it comes to loud noises.

        We intended eating outside but it was too cool and raining!! So we had to shift everything inside, where a drop cloth was placed on the carpet. I must say that my grandson who is 18 months old does a great job with eating with an adult fork. (note to self – get some child size implements for future visits). He copies his father.

        A few days prior to Christmas we attended a family gathering in Newcastle, where there was something like 40 people involved. Nathan was the youngest child at the gathering. He enjoyed walking around on the grass and checking out the guinea pigs. His cousins are a little bit older than him so he had no real companion. He did well until he fell and hurt his head. The fall does not stop him from wanting to climb the stairs.

        The roast is never overdone in our house because I am not in charge of cooking the Christmas lunch. I stay out of the kitchen!! This year we used a buffet for the vegies. Then people helped themselves to what they wanted.