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Today’s Feature Tweets are by Al Gore and Bette Midler.


2012_12 23 Al Gore and Bette Midler are stupid

According to the November 2012 (latest) Rasmussen poll, U.S. Likely Voter opinion on the causes of global warming:

41% Human Activity

38% Planetary Trends

7% Other Reasons

14% Don’t Know

In other words, 6 in 10 reject the ESSENCE of the Gore-acle’s “We must tax carbon” argument. That’s very interesting, especially since about 18 times more of us get our news from a Left-Biased source than from a Fair-and-Balanced source (37 Million ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC vs. 2 Million FOX News).

18 to 1 Media Bias on AGW

4 to 6 Opinion Bias on AGW


2012_12 23 Al Gore and Bette Midler are stupid

Bette’s blog posting at Twitchy is dated December 23d, at which time @NRA had 80,965 Twitter followers, not 60,000. In the last 24 hours, nearly 2,000 more people have signed on as followers. The NRA also currently has 4 million members and its Facebook page has 1,757,565 likes.

This afternoon @BetteMidler, the anti-NRA, pro-gun-control and Republicans-suck tweets are in full flower, but her stupid remark about 60,000 NRA followers has been deleted. Too bad for her that Twitchy is forever. ::snork::

And Rasmussen demonstrates that the 18:1 Democrat’s anti-gun media bias fails even worse (2.7 in 10) than their anti-carbon bias. December 19, 2012 Rasmussen opinion poll about what would do the MOST to prevent shooting sprees like Newtown’s:

48% said more action to treat mental health issues

27% said stricter gun control laws

15% said limits on violent movies and video games

10% said undecided



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