The un-Godly Silence

100 years of silence
Dear God tshirt
Tis the season Tis the reason


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2 responses to “The un-Godly Silence

  1. Good morning. Pardon an OT comment randomly posted?

    Spent over a week overhauling my website’s tech and styling. Lots of gritty details having nothing to do with content, although fixing things like light color links on light background may look like new content! Imagine you here had to run not just the blog but also WordPress. That’s the kind of fun I’ve been having. When I ought to have been Christmas wrapping or something. Mostly skipping news, comments, other fine habits…. Oh, plus the learning curve on my new cell. At least yesterday, I finally got cell and desktop to talk to each other. Still don’t have all my old contacts etc. back yet.

    I just started this to lodge a complaint. I discovered that the other day Pete said I ran the PoliNation bordello (“by hand”… ISWYDT).

    First of all, readers who only see the posts and not the comments might get the idea I have some kind of official capacity at PoliNation, rather than my being just an occasional obnoxious gadfly, so you might want to clarify to avoid that horrifying potential misimpression!

    Second, I resent the implication that I, a happily married old goat am running such an unsavory enterprise. Just because I am libertarian in support of the ladies’ right to ply their trade doesn’t mean I have any official connection with them. But they do talk about Pete an awful lot; odd, that.

    I discovered this new Android phone’s amazing spell checker had to be taught the words God, bless, and Christmas. More proof as if any were needed that Google is evil. But I’ll never again have to try to type out text, on a phone-like keypad, I hope; what an aberration that was!

    God bless you all this Christmas week and all the new year.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL … Glad to hear you are (mostly?) done with odious technotasks! Soooo grateful I don’t have to run WordPress or even tag my own blogs!