Thanks to Obama-Grinch and his “Affordable Care Act” elves, health insurance premiums are skyrocketing just in time for Christmas!


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That lump of coal in your stocking? Baracka Claus built that.

Just found out my Health insurance premiums up 10% beginning 1-1-13 Thanks ObamaCare for keeping those costs down!

Just got a notice that my health insurance has gone up $3600 per year! Merry Christmas from #Obamacare! Things are MUCH better!

Merry Christmas to me from Kaiser…health insurance going up to 700 a month! Whoohoo!

Merry Christmas I get to use my Christmas bonus for medical bills because my health insurance is garbage f u Obama!

My health insurance just went up by $36/month. What happened to @BarackObama getting us all affordable health care?

I just found out my health insurance is going up $80/month starting in January. Boo!

My health insurance premium has gone up another $100 starting this month. THANK YOU President Obama!!!!

WOW! My health insurance went up $120 this month! Merry Christmas to me, I guess… #ouch

My Christmas present from Blue Cross was a $1200 increase in my healthcare premiums. YAY OBAMACARE.

Our health insurance, HSA, no prescription plan, just bumped us up to over $1700 a month. Does ANYONE have a cheaper plan? I’m just crushed.




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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    At least FOX news is reporting this!


  2. Ting

    I had to talk with a sales person from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield last week to get information about coverage for my husband for a short time on an individual policy. As it turns out it will not be needed. But I had a chance to ask the guy what he thought was going to happen in 2014 when they have to take everyone.
    Selfishly, I can’t say I’m sorry about that because my daughter cannot get an individual policy since she is an insulin dependent diabetic. That means she will always have to have a job in order to be insured and there is no chance for her to be a stay at home Mom without some type of change to the health care laws in VA. But I still don’t think Obamacare is the way to go about it. Anyway, I have a policy that costs $267 per month. The guy said that he also sells the individual policies in New York state, which he said is almost all guaranteed issue and the average premium is $1500 per month – he said that they still don’t know exactly what will happen but that is a clue to the cost. Maybe Chrissy knows more than that and can correct me if that is not accurate. I always told my daughter and my sister, who desperately wanted Obamacare, that just because you can buy a policy doesn’t mean that it will be affordable. I sure hope it won’t end up being that bad.

    I love the wit of the Twitter folks!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am way out of the NYS health insurance loop. When the kids were in elementary school, Dearest went independent (and insurance-less … a professional choice we made for his personal happiness) and I went disabled-Medicare (which covers nothing I want, but every time I pray about canceling and getting my sticky fingers on the extra $1,250 a year they suck out of my disability money, God says no very clearly. No idea why.)

      We had a New York “fell through the net” policy for the kids while they were growing up that helped with some things and charity from various sources (family, friends, church) filled in some of the gaps. The Holy Spirit seems to have filled in the rest. The kids had bad allergies, feet and eyes, but remarkably good teeth, excellent bites and rarely got sick. Until they were old enough to pay the dentist with their own money, they never had a cavity and never went. (I used to give them dental “checkups” with a flashlight LOL.)

      I do know we have never been able to afford individual insurance for Dearest. $1500 a month? Criminetly! IMHO, the soaring premiums were intended from the start by the evil people who crafted ObamaCare and shoved it down our throats. They WANT to force all but the wealthiest out of private and into government insurance. I think it’s part of their master plan to destroy the prosperous, uppity, armed middle class, so they can fold us into the One World feudal system they stupidly think they will dominate.

      I sound tin foil hatty, don’t I? I used to think world conspiracy stuff was absurd. But the more I learn about the past (e.g., the Frankfurt School) and the more I see of what’s going on in the present (e.g., Agenda 21), the less skeptical I have become about the “conspiracy” thing.

      Of course, I also think most of the twits participating in making it happen have no idea they are serving a supernatural “god” they don’t believe in and that they’re on the way wrong side for eternal happiness. But hey. It’s not like God hasn’t been TELLING us all about it for the last … three millennia or so. Too bad for them if they refuse to listen.

      (Why didn’t the WordPress dictionary have millenia in it? It’s the correct plural for millenium. Duh.)


      • GP

        You are not wearing a tin foil hat. We all know the purpose of Obamacare was to make it so unaffordable that eventually, people who work would be demanding that they get the “free” kind. My DH works for a large corp. We use to have one of those great plans, but the past few years our premiums have continued to rise and our deductible is now over 8 grand! Plus, NONE of the holistic type care I favor is covered. I cannot even get my dental insurance to cover my amalgam replacements, because I will not use one of their in network dentists, who will not remove almagams safely.
        Our company VP is a close friend, and he has said that within the next two years, they will be opting out of health insurance, and take the penalty, putting thousands of employees out on their own. We will be forced to shop for our own, even more expensive plans, or take the penalty as well.
        God, how I despise the people who are bringing this upon us all.
        They took a situation, where a few people were struggling with health care issues, and changed it so that EVERYONE will be suffering with higher costs and lousy care.
        And they have done nothing the address the real problem, the spiraling costs.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          They’re so not interested in solving actual problems. This is just another in a long line of “compassionate reforms” whose long-term goal is to create more poverty and more crises requiring yet another incursion into our freedoms. Plus, this Obamacare thing includes the $1 per person per year REQUIREMENT that we ALL FUND ABORTIONS. So score that for Satan AND Democrats to whom abortion industry donates big bucks.


          • I think I need to get some advice from you about this. We’ve been agonizing about killing ALL our medical insurance for this reason, and we’re about to take the plunge, but we’ve held off because we *think* the abortion surcharge doesn’t go into effect until next summer. Still, I have a strong sense that it’s time to do it now. What do you think?


            • chrissythehyphenated

              Prayer, Grunt. Refusing pay the fee or the fine is going to put you in the gummint’s sights. We Catholics are called to render unto Caesar except where it would violate the higher Laws of God. But we are also called to accept civil punishment for civil disobedience. Only the Holy Spirit can answer what His will is for you personally how this particular disobedience falls on your particular hierarchy of responsibilities.