ONE: 392,683 Tobacco Use
TWO: 300,000 Obesity
THREE: 98,000 Medical Errors
FOUR: 40,933 Alcohol Abuse Accidents (incl car)
FIVE: 37,485 Illegal Drug Abuse
SIX: 36,909 Suicides
SEVEN: 34,833 Alcohol Abuse Diseases
EIGHT: 34,485 Motor Vehicle Accidents
NINE: 31,758 Accidental Poisonings
TEN: 24,792 Accidental Falls
ELEVEN: 8,775 Gun Homicides
TWELVE: 4,221 Non-Gun Homicides
THIRTEEN: 680 Gun Accidents

Sources: These were chosen by online availability, not to make one thing look worse than another.

Tobacco Use (2010 CDC)

Obesity and Mortality

Accidents or Unintentional Injuries (2009 CDC)

US Institute of Medicine’s report (1999). 2009 follow up said the problem had not improved.

Car and Other Accidents Caused By Excessive Alcohol Use (2001 CDC)

Drug Abuse (2009 CDC)
Suicides (2009 CDC)

Alcohol Abuse Diseases (2001 CDC)

Motor Vehicle Accidents (2009 CDC)

Unintentional Poisoning (2009 CDC)

Unintentional Falls (2009 CDC)

Gun Homicides (2010 FBI crime stats)

Non-Gun Homicides (2010 FBI crime stats)

2008 accidental shooting deaths


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7 responses to “CAUSES of DEATHS in UNITED STATES

  1. GP

    I saw a graphic of this posted on fb this morning:

    My thought was–where does cancer fall into this list?
    Can we please outlaw cancer!!!!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      That graphic is what instigated my looking up the list I posted. Adam Baldwin (I think it was) tweeted the stats used were inaccurate and posted some links.

      I checked them, surfed around, noted the POINT of the graphic is accurate, even if the numbers are not. Guns are way below a lot of other things that people use for various reasons that end up killing bunches of them.

      So I figured I’d make a list of my own WITH SOURCES that made the same point as the graphic, but more accurately.

      I didn’t include cancer deaths because the causes are so difficult to determine, so while horrific, they didn’t fit the “snarking at anti-gun leftists” paradigm of “things we could ban that kill more people than guns.”


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  3. Yikes! Good stuff. I just linked a post to this. Hope you don’t mind.


  4. GP

    Not sure where to put this, but we cannot let the horror in Connecticut totally side track us, even though the white house will try to keep us diverted for as long as possible so we do not look at their criminal behavior.
    Remember when the Clintons and Obama were at odds, and how strange it was that they have suddenly became bedfellows? This is something that just smells to high heaven. They are both covering up for each other, which is why Hillary is even a part of this administration. The whole Benghazi thing cannot be allowed to go away.
    It is just way to convenient that Hillary cannot testify this week. I will accept that she is probably having health issues. She looks horrible these days, but that should not stop her from attending a hearing. She learned what happens when dear hubbie lied under oath, and she does not want her name tarnished. The white house will protect her, and try to sweep this all under the rug so that she can run for president someday.
    These people all smell worse than the Ganges on a 100 degree day.
    Here is a great analogy:
    The Fix is in: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up—like Vince Foster death investigation


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ITA. Spending a lot of time leaning on God’s perfect JUSTICE. Some of those fire and brimstone psalms are really comforting when you’re so not getting any justice HERE in the now. KWIM?