The bewildering hypocrisy of the Left

In the wake of the Newtown horror, New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who has 24/7 armed bodyguards) predictably demanded “immediate action” to disarm law-abiding Americans, allegedly in the quest to protect the unarmed from the unlawful.

The same day, the family of Brian Terry filed a 25 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Obama’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) officials, who cooked up the bizarre “Fast and Furious” plan to spend American taxpayers’ money on arming Mexico’s violent drug cartels. One of the guns purchased via this allegedly anti-gun Obama administration’s program was used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The lawsuit alleges the ATF officials and federal prosecutor created a risk to law enforcement officers such as Terry, that the firearms agents should have known their actions would lead to injuries and deaths to civilians and police officers in America and Mexico, and that the government tried to cover up the link between Terry’s death and the botched “Fast and Furious” program.

Meanwhile, anti-gun Leftists seem to be all in favor of gun violence, provided it only kills people they don’t like.

2012 Anti gun Leftists call for gun violence



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15 responses to “The bewildering hypocrisy of the Left

  1. Violet

    What a bunch of idiots. These leftist gutter-dwellers have made our point for us! Nobody shoots up NRA meetings, because its a safe assumption their members will be armed, and proficient with those weapons. If teachers and school administrators were armed and received gun safety training, I bet people would stop shooting up schools, as well. Duh. Hello, common sense.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Too true! Personally, I’m in favor of gun safety lessons as young as possible.

      We live near a lot of water, so taught our kids to swim at a very early age to help prevent an accidental drowning. We taught them to buckle their seat belts, not stick things into outlets and be careful of the stove and space heaters.

      We taught them to wear helmets and padding and to understand the difference between prescribed drugs and illegal drugs. We taught them the difference between acceptable and unacceptable touching.

      We put them on leashes when they were too mobile to be safe but still too young to be smart. And we made them learn their addresses and phone numbers as early as possible and what to do if they got lost or separated.

      The accidents kids have with guns seem to result from ignorant curiosity. How dumb is that?! TEACH THEM.


      • Violet

        Absolutely! There were LOTS of guns in my childhood home. My sister and I were taught how to handle and shoot them as soon as Dad thought we could handle the recoil without falling over backward. Surprise! Nobody ever got shot, and there was no ignorant curiosity about Dad’s gun cabinet. It was a nice father/daughter bonding tool, as well. We went to the hunt club together and shot clay pigeons. Those days made for some of my fondest childhood memories!


        • chrissythehyphenated

          A retired Army firearms specialist told us it was common for women to start out being fearful of guns, because of the noise mostly. But once they are taught properly with a gun that is the right size for them, they like how powerful it makes them feel.


      • Aussie

        Hey Chrissy when you talk of leashes do you mean like what we use for a dog? We call them reins 🙂

        These days the reins are even better than the old style because they now come in the form of cute backpacks 🙂 When my next grandchild arrives I will have to make sure that the parents have a special backpack for when that little one begins to walk.

        Like you, I used the reins for my children to ensure their safety.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Lil Buzz has a darling monkey backpack with a leash. I’d have a hard time using “reins” since to me that’s for a horse’s bridle and has two “leashes” :).

          My kids had a chest harness that snapped to the leash in back. Politically correct busy bodies (aka, liberals) would stop me on the street and chastise me for treating my kid like a dog. I’d reply I leashed my dog for the same reason I leashed my kid; to keep them SAFE.

          I’m glad leashes (and dog crates) are now recognized as the excellent tools they are. I also got slammed for crating my dog when I wasn’t home, but he loved his crate and HATED being loose when there were no people in the apartment.

          One time, my roomie left for school at the usual time and my brain damaged (literally) dog didn’t realize I was in bed with a cold. The instant the door closed, he started pacing and whining frantically. Mind you, we had another dog and varying numbers of cats (people dumped their strays on us). So it’s not like he was alone. He was just weird.

          Anyway, I called out to him and he raced in … if he’d had an arm, he’d have wiped his brow with the obvious relief he experienced finding a HUMAN was in the apartment. The other animals were fine when we were gone, so we only crated him, but nowadays, I understand crate training is quite standard. When we adopted our rescue greyhound, getting her a crate was a requirement for adoption.

          We only have two toy poodles now, but we find they are healthiest and happiest if they get a minimum of 4 hours crate time in 24. It’s their down time, when they don’t have to be on guard duty. Sometimes, the dominant one, Dewey, gets so worn out keeping an eye on us and our house that he goes to his crate and stands there, looking all haggardly exhausted. LOL


    • No one ever shoots up a gun show, either!


    • Aussie

      I have just read that the school principal had lunged at the gunman to try and stop him when she was killed. What if she and the psychologist who was also killed had been able to reach for a gun instead of having nothing to help them?

      What if Virginia or is that Victoria Soto had been able to access a gun as she tried to shield the children in her class?


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Just saw this classic tweet:

    Tim Kenney ‏@tkenney01 – I’ll pay for your contraception when you pay for my ammunition. #2ndAmendment #tcot #NRA


  3. GP

    Too many people are looking at solutions to this the way they look at solutions to cancer. They think by treating the symptoms, you can annihilate the disease, when in fact it will continue to fester until the root cause is eradicated.
    The root cause of these tradjedies is the fact that we are not meeting the needs of our children. Our families are broken, our culture is corrupt, and God is considered taboo. Our schools are too big and impersonal. Our young men have been pushed aside in education and teaching is more geared to females, who learn differently. Children have nutritional deficiencies that affect their behavoir, etc etc.
    Maybe this will open up the dialog that we need once and for all.
    I taught hundreds of kids. I never felt I had a bad kid, even those who had severe behavior problems. There was always a reason for a chlld’s misbehavoir, and fortunately, we had a very small school and could reach a lot of these kids. But I also saw many of them fall through the cracks for all kinds of reasons.
    If we would spend money building healthier learning environments, we would not need to be building so many prisons, which is where most of the mentally ill eventually end up, if they survive.
    This mother’s story is heartbreaking. I hope she becomes the face of change:

    And we also need to have the truth exposed about what vaccines are doing to young brains and the strain autism is putting on their families.


  4. Cars kill a lot more children than guns do. By the logic of the left, no one should be allowed to have a car.


  5. Aussie

    Those people are stupid!!

    I am not a gun person. Australians do not worry about having guns in the home etc. and we do not have the same gun rights issues.

    However, to claim that Adam Lanza was somehow a gun rights person is sheer lunacy. Nothing to could be further from the truth.

    Someone revealed that Adam Lanza was on a psychotropic drug. I looked up the name of the drug and discovered that it is used in cases of schizophrenia. Adam Lanza was not only a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome but he had descended into schizophrenia.

    Just like in the Columbine High School massacre, there also appears to be a link to the Goth culture.

    These leftist lunatics need to jump off their high horse and start looking at the real cause of these massacres – MENTAL ILLNESS.

    Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner and the guy who shot up the Aurora cinema had one thing in common. They were mentally ill and at least in the case of Adam Lanza he was being treated for the mental illness.

    BTW, Martin Bryant, the man responsible for one of Australia’s worst massacres (he killed more than 30 at Port Arthur in Tasmania) was also mentally ill. Martin Bryant was described as a loner, and the same is true for Adam Lanza.

    There are similarities in all of these cases, and those similarities all boil down to mental illness.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      But, but, but … it’s not POLITICALLY CORRECT to stigmatize the mentally ill or institutionalize them or make them take their meds. Just like it’s not p.c. to defend the rights of the unborn or suggest girls keep their legs together. Leftists don’t actually care about solving problems. They just like to use them to advance their anti-God agenda.