My dogs have more class than this man

Most likely, Barack Obama doesn’t manage the Barack Obama Twitter account. (He once referred to it as Twitters.) But whoever does has registered the presidential account to “follow” two porn feeds! Frankly, I doubt Barack Obama actually finds lady parts titillating. But there is no doubt he is responsible for the moral tone of the White House that overlooks such execrable behavior. And you KNOW if this had been a Bush employee, the media would be screaming about it in 72 pt type.

Barack Obama follows two porn feeds

Below, we have abundant evidence of Barack Obama’s moral core. Following the Newtown horror, he was forced to pretend empathy while hiding his glee over a tragedy he and his cronies can use to advance their goal of disarming Americans.

President Obama Honors Shooting Victims, Families: ‘Our Hearts Are Broken Today’ [3:53]

His body language and tone of voice are instructive. I took screenshots and blew up the three times he wipes at an alleged tear, as well as the nearest open eye shot. Notice his eyes are not red and there are no tears.

2012_12 14 Fake Tear 1

2012_12 14 Fake Tear 2

2012_12 14 Fake Tear 3

Also notice the third alleged tear wipe just after three minute point. When he says we “as Americans”, he uses his MIDDLE finger to remove the imaginary tear. Previously, he used his index finger. I’ve studied this and noticed he normally does use his index finger dominantly … except when he wants to do one of his oh-so-mature gestures to express his contempt for others.

There were three other points where I noticed the words and his facial expression opening windows into this man’s cold, dark soul. When he talked about hugging his girls and telling his wife he loves her, he looked pissed.

2012_12 14 Fake Tear 4

Also, check out how he says, “In the words of spricture” (sic), then pauses before quoting Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Look at his face as he pauses to prepare to read the Word of God. I swear … this is the ONLY GENUINE SADNESS he expresses the whole time.

2012_12 14 Fake Tear 5


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  1. Pistol Pete

    This gasbag wouldn’t know a passage of spricture if it bit him on his bony ass.