Conservatives incite violence by existing …

… or something.

Union thugs assault Steve Crowder for defending the right of workers to NOT join a union

Leftist blame Crowder for getting his face in the way of union fist


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9 responses to “Conservatives incite violence by existing …

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    @GregGelfond: @scrowder u were punched four times? Did you at least return the favor?

    ‏@scrowder: Not at all. The mob would have literally killed me

    ‏@ToddKincannon: .@scrowder You did the right thing not punching back. Those assholes would have murdered you. Discretion is the better part of valor.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    @KurtSchlichter: Hey #MIUnion, why are you so scared your “members” will ditch you the second they can? I’m guessing it’s because you know you suck.

    ‏@LeftyBollocks: The Leftists who are cheering on Union thug violence are the same people who want to ban your guns

    @BuckSexton: it speaks volumes that those who used violence and threats in Detroit today had President Obama’s full support a day ago. Of course.

    @kesgardner: Anyone who thinks that the GOP is the angry white man party needs to watch the unions in Michigan today.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    @BuckSexton: If a Tea Party member punched a leftist pundit in the face- right after Romney applauded them- media would cover it like a terrorist attack

    @BuckSexton: Occupy Wall Street throws bottles and trash cans. Union thugs punch people. If only there were a common political thread here…

    @iowahawkblog: “Argue with your neighbors, get in their faces” “punch back twice as hard” – President of the United States


  4. This stuff is scary, and the big story here is that the pResident is *silent*. When Barack is done, after say, 8 terms or so, will we even recognize what leadership looks like?

    Our daughter lives near Lansing, MI. Not happy about that! It was bad enough that it was between Detroit and Chicago. Now the thuggery is all around ’em.


  5. Violet

    Well, gee whiz, these union folks look like such a friendly group! I just can’t figure out why anyone would rather not be associated with them, let alone pay dues for the privilege of interacting with them.

    I hope Crowder presses charges. These freaks need to be taken down several thousand pegs.


  6. GP

    The Obama admin has been trying to get the riots going from day one. First they tried to antagonize the tea party. When we got their number, we did not fight back so they spawned the occupoopers. We still would not fight. Then it was the war on women, the race war, etc etc.
    But the DNC can always rely on their union goons to come through for them.
    It is just so despicable that the press does not report this thuggery.
    Where is Mr. Tingles on this one?