Journalistic Malpractice Lawsuit

On Thursday, George Zimmerman filed suit against NBC News and three NBC producers he accuses of intentionally painting him as a racist. Finally … somebody is holding the corrupt media accountable. Among other things, the suit charges that NBC set out to bias their reporting in order to present George Zimmerman as a racist, predatory villain who had callously murdered a young, unarmed boy.

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Among other things, NBC spliced together disparate parts of Zimmerman’s 911 recording to create a false impression about what Zimmerman had said. When the fraud was exposed, NBC said OOPS and claimed it was all just a terrible mistake.

But NBC employee, Al Sharpton, held a rally to incite hatred for Zimmerman and NBC sent other employees to publicize it. The result of these actions was that Zimmerman was transformed into one of the most hated men in America. A bounty was offered for his capture and he received death threats.

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Top 10 Excerpts from Zimmerman vs. NBC News Complaint by John Sexton – Dec 7, 2012


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  1. GP

    I sure hope he wins!!!!!!!!!
    These scum need to be exposed and destroyed.