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The Seven Churches of Revelation, part two

Last week, I introduced my idea that the seven churches and their messages were much more than memos to seven little first century Christian communities.

See intro @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/the-seven-churches-of-revelation/

The whole of the Book of Revelation is introduced as “the revelation of Jesus Christ … to show his servants what must happen soon” and with “blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near.” (Rev 1:1-3)

Another puzzler is that the seven letters are each addressed not to the people, but to “the angel of the church.”  And this after we’ve been explicitly told that the seven stars in Jesus’ right hand are “the angels of the seven churches” [Rev 1:20].

Rev 1 Jesus with stars and lampstands

In Scripture, the right hand of God denotes Divine power, which makes me think these angels are specific beings whom Jesus tasked to guard and guide each of the seven churches in the letters. This idea is supported by this passage:

“When I caught sight of him [Jesus], I fell down at his feet as though dead. He touched me with his right hand and said, ‘Do not be afraid.'” [Rev 1:17]

“Do not be afraid” is one of the first things every angel has ever said the minute it appears to someone in the Bible. And angels are immortal, which again suggests the letters have to do with churches in time or through time.

I think they stand for seven, successive periods in church history, starting with the Apostolic 1st c. Church (Ephesus) and continuing on to the End of Time Church (Laodicea).

1st century map Asia Minor - 7 churches in Revelation

For the record, I got the basic idea of the churches as time periods in church history out of a Seventh Day Adventist book called, Thoughts, critical and practical, on the book of Revelation by Uriah Smith.

Since he was convinced Jesus was returning Any Minute Now, he squashed his interpretation into pre-1880 history, with a major emphasis on demonstrating how Revelation proved that the Roman Catholic Church was the Worst Thing That Ever Happened. Like … EVER.

Apparently, the Adventists had a real bug up their butts about denominational churches, particularly the Big Mother of All Denominations based in Rome. It’s kinda funny, since they’ve done what other break-away, holier-than-them, renewal movements have eventually done. They’ve become a denomination.

So you’ll forgive me for getting little else of value from Uriah’s book, though I will say the man could teach modern Leftists a thing or three about spewing anti-Catholic venom. His ranting goes on for pages, all of it with Big Vocabulary Words and zero references to body parts, fluids or functions. It’s almost poetic. If I weren’t Catholic, I might have even enjoyed it.

I can tell you fershure that comparing Smith’s rants with something like Jason Biggs’ tweet to Pope Benedict: “Hey @pontifex since u obvs like the web and shit u should totes peep christianmingle.com lots of great ass ur welcome” is kinda like comparing Shakespeare’s plays to “A recent ex-virgin from Maine … .”  IOW, Christians even do bilious insults better than the godless Left. Ha.

I also got nothing else about this “seven periods of church history” theory from anywhere else. I did consult various Bible study sites and resources in my researches, but never came across any other mention of the idea. It may be out there and I just didn’t see it. I don’t know. Smith mentioned in his book that the “seven periods of church history” idea had held sway in the past, but was now (1881) generally discredited by theologians, though he thought it was true.

I just wanted to point out that I came up with my ideas on my own, but that I have no teaching or preaching credentials from any institution or denomination whatsoever. So please … take what I write about Scripture with a ton of salt. And if you think I’m full of it, that’s fine.

I’m planning to write more later about the letters and periods of history. But again, this has gotten long enough and we all have other stuff to do. 🙂


Who was Uriah Smith?



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Commander in Chief vs Panderer in Chief

Commander in Chief vs Panderer in Chief

Inspired by comments posted @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/its-always-all-about-obama/

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It’s always all about Obama

2012_12 07 Pearl Harbor Day is All About BHO


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Progressive Christmas Carols

Rudolph the Progressive Nosed Reindeer

Barackin’ Around The Holiday Tree

O Dumb All Ye Hateful

The Twelve Taxes of Christmas

All I want for Christmas is your money

Jingle bailouts, jingle bailouts, jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to lie & tell the networks what to say-ay!

Do you fear what I fear?

Away in a Prius

Oh Come, All Ye Occupiers

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Frosty, the politically correct, gender neutral snow person

Dashing through the debt, no budget to this day;
Over the cliff we go, spending all the way!

Grandma Got Run Over by an Enslaved Victim of Christo-Facist Animal Exploitation

God rest ye wealthy gentlemen, let nadda ye dismay,
If your marginal tax rate goes up 3%, you can still afford to pay!

Oh Non-Denominational Purely-Secular Totally-Inoffensive Tree

The Little Drummer Person

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, Meh, You’re On Your Own

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Journalistic Malpractice Lawsuit

On Thursday, George Zimmerman filed suit against NBC News and three NBC producers he accuses of intentionally painting him as a racist. Finally … somebody is holding the corrupt media accountable. Among other things, the suit charges that NBC set out to bias their reporting in order to present George Zimmerman as a racist, predatory villain who had callously murdered a young, unarmed boy.

Zimmerman pics
Martin pics
Among other things, NBC spliced together disparate parts of Zimmerman’s 911 recording to create a false impression about what Zimmerman had said. When the fraud was exposed, NBC said OOPS and claimed it was all just a terrible mistake.

But NBC employee, Al Sharpton, held a rally to incite hatred for Zimmerman and NBC sent other employees to publicize it. The result of these actions was that Zimmerman was transformed into one of the most hated men in America. A bounty was offered for his capture and he received death threats.

Read the rest @
Top 10 Excerpts from Zimmerman vs. NBC News Complaint by John Sexton – Dec 7, 2012


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