The Spangled Darter has been named for Obama

This month’s Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History carries the the exciting news that five new species of the darter fish have been identified and named for U.S. “leaders” (Obama, Gore, Carter, Clinton and Teddy Roosevelt) who have demonstrated their “commitment to the environment.” So, kinda like that Nobel prize, right?

Darters are small, perch-like fish found in freshwater streams in North America. There are loads of different ones, some of which live only in a single stream, making them ideal for tree hugging lefties to wreak havoc in the courts protecting them from “extinction” … never mind that darters are all over the damn place, they can be transplanted, and anyway, who CARES if one particular variation on the theme dies out anyway?

Besides which … how weird is it that they chose to name one of these new darter species after Jimmy Carter. He signed the bill that allowed the Tellico Dam to open, thus wiping out the then-endangered Snail Darter’s habitat. Of course, five years later, the Snail Darters that had been transplanted to some other stream had managed to propagate enough progeny to get moved off the Endangered Species list, making it plain to everyone with two brain cells that the whole dam controversy had, in fact, been the ginormous waste of time and money everyone with four brain cells had known it was in the first place.

But I digress. So, Obama’s gotten his name attached to the Latin for the Spangled Darter of Tennessee. I think there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Spangled Darter Etheostoma obama

Free Republic blogged about it. Here are my favorite snarky comments:

  • The Clinton species is misnamed, it’s not bent.
  • Cold-blooded scaley small-brained bottom feeders?
  • Hirudo obama would sound so much better! Hirudo medicinalis is the common leech.
  • Very offensive to darters, they are nice fish, perhaps the nicest native American fish!
  • I think my cat would like to eat one of those Spangled Darters while I sit back and smile and imagine.
  • Here grandson, let me help you hook that obamafish for you. Yeah I know he a slippery and slimy but the big mouth bass love him as baitfish.

Broc obama

Piranha obama


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2 responses to “The Spangled Darter has been named for Obama

  1. GP

    Very apropos to name a toxic fish that is totally useless, after toxic “leaders” who are totally useless.


  2. That fish is actually rather pretty, and probably perfectly harmless. Whoever named it for Obummer owes it an apology. I can think of other creatures that would be a lot more appropriate to name for that SCOAMF.