Today’s new SCRABBLE word went on my Christmas wish list!

ULU (pron OO loo) – Multi-purpose knife used by Inuit women.


My mom had a knife similar to this that she used to chop cabbage for cole slaw. Not being a fan of cole slaw, I never had a hankering for one myself.

Funny thing, I have been googling “cabbage + [various cutting words]” and, while I’m finding lots of gadgets from simple to industrial, I’m not turning up anything like what I remember her using.

The closest I found was under “pastry cutter” and that, golly gee whiz, looks a whole heckuva lot like an ulu. LOL

The cool part … okay, two cool parts … it’s recommended for people with WEAK HANDS (Like me, ooh ooh, pick me!) AND I just so happen to have loved ones of the employed variety LIVING IN ALASKA. Ha!

I think I’d like one with a pretty wooden handle that would feel good in my delicate princess hand, a cutting board with a storage slot and a scoop out place, which I swear has got to make cutting fruit and veg easier, like maybe deters those baby carrots from rocketing off? and also one of those ulu sharpeners like I saw at Amazon, cuz (You Listening, Loved One?!) you know how anal I am about keeping my blades sharp.

P.S., If you already got my Christmas presie, my birthday is in May … right before Mother’s Day. :o)


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2 responses to “Today’s new SCRABBLE word went on my Christmas wish list!

  1. duly noted 🙂 so funny about that, I had already planned on getting one for your two SILs who love to cook, and was wondering if you guys might like one too!