Planned Parenthood clinics saying no to abortion?

Who woulda thunk?!

In 2010, Planned Parenthood affiliates performed 329,445 abortions. Abortions made up 91% of the “pregnancy services” the clinics offered, but apparently it wasn’t enough to satisfy them.

At the end of 2010, Planned Parenthood told all its affiliates nationwide that they had to be providing abortion services by 2013 or else. Since the announcement, some Planned Parenthood affiliates have dropped out rather than comply. For example,

Planned Parenthood of South Central New York:

“This mandate will no doubt result in an increase in revenue for Planned Parenthood as well as an increase in the more than 329,000 lives the abortion chain ends in one year. Does that sound like women’s health?”

Planned Parenthood of South Texas:

“[This] is the ultimate evidence that Planned Parenthood’s chief concern is making money of abortion – not the health of vulnerable women and girls.”

There’s other evidence that Planned Parenthood’s real concern is profit, not women’s health, as they so often and so sanctimoniously proclaim.

  • A European drug manufacturer has publicly stated that 28 women have died worldwide after using RU 486 (aka, morning after pill, Plan B, chemical abortion).
  • As of last April, the FDA had reports of 2,207 adverse events related to the use of RU 486, including 14 deaths, 612 hospitalizations, 58 ectopic pregnancies, 339 blood transfusions, and 256 cases of infections in the United States alone.

Despite these statistics and the fact the FDA recommends the drug be used only under the close supervision of a physician, Planned Parenthood cooked up a plan to see it to women via high tech vending machines!

Webcam abortion

These so-called webcam or telemed abortions dispense RU-486 to women via a Skype-type video link. The women are never seen in person by a physician. Not only did Planned Parenthood decide to do this, but they actually fired a clinic manager for objecting to the plan.

This video is inspiring! The manager is the one that got fired. March 12, 2012 – “Former Planned Parenthood Manager Leads 40 Days for Life, Abortion Clinic Closes” [9:28]


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