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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Possibly interesting to you:

    1. November 21, 2012 – Ann Coulter opined “Romney was not the problem” @

    2. November 26, 2012 – Jenny Beth Martin criticized Coulter with “Don’t Trash Reagan to Save Romney” @

    3. November 28, 2012 – Frank Camp rebutted Martin’s criticism in “Conservatives Slam Ann Coulter–But Why?” @

    • Ting

      I really don’t particularly care what Ann Coulter thinks about anything anymore. I do not know Jenny Beth Martin, or even know anything about her, so I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Ann has not been speaking my language for a good while now. I think she is really just a celebrity who enjoys saying provocative things. I guess this helps her sell her books or something.

      • chrissythehyphenated

        I loved Demonic and subscribed to her columns coming to my email. But after she got all “anyone who doesn’t support Romney is dumber than dirt” during the primary, I canceled it and stopped listening to her.

        I think I was intrigued by this thing (which I came into from the back end at #3, then backtracked) because now I’m thoroughly disgusted with people blaming Romney for losing what, to all appearances, was a totally rigged election. It made me kinda like Ann a little bit again that she stuck up for him.

        • Bob

          I don’t always agree with Ann, but I do this time. Romney wasn’t the problem — the problem was a whole lot of election fraud, plus a whole lot of really stupid voters.

          • GP

            I agree that election fraud was an huge issue and I came to admire Romney for his character, but he still blew it. As long as the GOP continues to run campaigns that do not include fighting back to the biased press, we will lose. Romney sure fought dirty in the primaries, which gave me hope he would not back down, but when he got the nom, he melted.
            He should have been out there speaking from his heart instead of his talking points and addressing his critics with facts.
            As long as the GOP continues to ignore the tea party by making fun of our candidates and not sending them support, they will lose. If they do not adopt the tea party platform they will lose.
            That is why that Bill Whittle address to the tea party I posted a couple of days ago was so profound. He really layed it out as only Bill can. It was an hour, but I plan to watch it again and again because he really laid out where we need to go. I hope you all watched it. It is well worth an hour out of your day.

            • Totally agree about Whittle’s message on changing the culture, GP. That was really superb. Also agree with your analysis. Republicans had a shockingly good, authentically grassroots movement in the Tea Party going into the primary season, and an impressive set of solid candidates, including one who was the hand-picked Reagan successor! (Newt) But there were lots of great choices. When has that ever happened to us? But the party machine crushed it ALL with the heels of their boots, forcing us to accept their moderate choice they knew they could control. I also agree with Bob and Chrissy that, ultimately, Romney was good enough to get elected if it weren’t for a corrupt electorate and a broken election process. But that doesn’t change the fact that the GOP leadership let us down when we really needed them to do the right thing.

  2. I love that FB quote, which unfortunately, is very timely.

    I also agree with Ting about Coulter. JBM is absolutely right that the GOP elites lost this election for us by strong-arming the Tea Party out of the way. If they’d done the right thing (and not just the marginally right thing, the thing that was obvious to most conservatives), and embraced the tea drinkers instead of thuggishly pushing them out of the way, we might have the White House now with Herman Cain or Allen West awaiting inauguration. Maybe. All we know is that they got their way, because they demanded it. promising that they alone knew what they were doing, and they failed. In any case, Coulter is very dishonest in appealing to Romney’s primary voting advantage, because that came only after they used every weapon in their arsenal against fellow conservatives to lie, cheat and steal their way into the catbird seat. By the time they had their way, Romney was the only option for the primary voters. Was he a terrible candidate? No, but everybody knows he wasn’t the best conservative candidate we could have fielded, and that fatal error lies squarely on the GOP leadership. Ann Coulter is just a cheerleader for the thugs. The fact that she used to make sense matters little now. I’ve already thrown all her books I own in the trash.

    • Sorry to be a broken record, but after reading Frank Camp’s piece, I think it’s even more shameless than Coulter’s column. He’s just flat-out wrong about almost everything. Coulter certainly did want Romney to be the candidate from very early on, although she flirted with Christie’s candidacy for a while. Coulter watchers knew all along Christie was just a humorous distraction. But don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of what I think Ann and others did to us, but I still admire the outstanding job Mitt did on the campaign trail. I see no point in beating him up. He did good.

      • chrissythehyphenated

        Sooooooooooooo … wondering now if I did good posting those links cuz it inspired discussion or messed myself by even mentioning Ann Coulter.

        • Discussion is good, Chrissy; even spirited discussion. ;) You done good, of course. Sorry for the strong opinions.

        • GP

          I am glad you posted it as well. I am not a fan of Coulter. I do not trust her. Any woman who could possible have a thing for Bill Mahre is suspect to me. I think Ann can sell a lot of books pretending to be something she is not. I also think she makes conservative women look mean. I would rather see someone with her wit but less caustic. And she does not support the tea party. She just kept pushing Romney from day one. Look what that got us. WE were right! Romney was not the best choice.

  3. chrissythehyphenated

    This is good. Jim Quinn explains to Obama supporters what they actually voted for. [5:33]

  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Totally excellent insult tweets by Todd Kincannon ‏@ToddKincannon

    @DittoWatch The gap between how smart you are and how smart you think you are is measurable in light years. I appreciate the entertainment.

    @DittoWatch Son, I believe you have a condition known as “word salad.” Have you ingested any heavy metals or had mercury near your anus?

  5. GP

    The left pushing a loser is already beginning. They are off and running trying to encourage Jed Bush because they know no one wants another Bush. Will the party of stupid continue to let the media pick our candidates or will they finally give us a true conservative who can actually win.
    I am so fed up with the GOP.