Watching this video made me weep. I think there’s a special place in Hell for the horrible people who inflict such cruelty on these gentle, lovely creatures.


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5 responses to “Soring

  1. Ugh, that’s disgusting. What kind of a pervert would think of doing something like that?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      And how disturbing that DECADES after it was outlawed, there were so many violations they had to cancel the show because there weren’t enough un-tortured horses to compete in it.


  2. Some people really are disgusting. I was just working on the dog’s pads tonight after he picked up some prickly pear thorns in the prairie this afternoon. Just seeing his trembling and whimpering from the pain was almost more than I could bear. How people could raise show horses using methods like this is beyond me.


  3. GP

    The people who do this are just ignorant. Society has always had them and always will. All we can do is hope that the power of love will come through someway, somehow.

    Did you ever see the biography called “Buck”. It is about the guy who is the orginal Horse Whisperer?
    Check it out. It will restore your faith in humans.