Peace died … humanely of course

Last Thanksgiving, after issuing his third Thanksgiving proclamation that contained zero mention of God, President Barack Obama did the ceremonial pardoning of a Thanksgiving turkey who had been named Peace.

Photo: Obama promises not to kill Peace.

Having thus been given the full assurance of Barack Obama Himself that he could live out his life in entitled leisure, Peace moved to Mount Vernon.

This past week-end, just a few weeks after Barack Obama secured his second term in office, Peace became ill.

It was determined he would not recover … either that or his health plan did not cover the costs of treatment … so on Monday, a few days before President Obama would issue his fourth Thanksgiving proclamation that contained zero mention of God and, again, promise some new turkey a life of government-funded ease … Peace was euthanized.

The good news is … last year, Obama the Magnificent generously pardoned Peace’s understudy, Liberty, as well. So far as we know, Liberty is still alive. At least for now.

And Barry pardoned both turkeys again this year, though they were given much less patriotic names … Cobbler and his understudy Gobbler.

I guess now that Barry is re-elected, he can finally drop all pretense of giving a crap about our national history. But what’s with creepily naming the officially pardoned turkey after a traditional Thanksgiving dessert? I mean … ew.

In other Thanksgiving Day news, the Leftist Turkeys over at HuffPo chose this for their headline feature story for Thanksgiving:

“Sarah Palin And The Greatest Turkey-Related Disaster In The History Of Politics.”

What do you suppose they would have to talk about if they didn’t have people like us to hate on?



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6 responses to “Peace died … humanely of course

  1. Oh, that’s the way you do it! Awesome and skillful snark, Chrissy. You made my Black Friday, just reading this. Thanks! 🙂


  2. a. paul amesse

    I noticed that the POTUS gave a left-handed sign of the cross over the turkey’s heads (ala Catholic Church bishops) though he smirked and laughed while doing so. Ironically, the turkeys were from Rockingham County in Virginia, which went Republican by a 4 to 1 margin. If Obama been aware of this both birds may have been axed.