Happy Thanksgiving from the PoliNation Mascots!


Helping with Thanksgiving dinner …

… is SERIOUS business!


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4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from the PoliNation Mascots!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the cuteness, Chrissy! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pete and Bob and Ting and Frankly and Ali and Violet and Dee and all the rest of the Polinators and their families! Blessings!


  2. anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, yours and everyone!


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Thanks! We just had a good phone chat with Mama Buzz. Their share of the Big Meal is ready, so they’re just hanging out with the kids until it’s time to go.

    They’re getting together with another military family whose Soldier missed the last few Thanksgivings so he wants the WORKS this year, including the best wedding china.

    His wife teased him about using paper plates and he said, “I’ll wash it myself if I have to. I WANT the china! LOL Of course, they’ll use the china. That was never in question. 🙂

    Everybody has pitched in with what they do best, so there’s a ton of food, but some has been portioned off for delivery to the guys who got the duty today. My kids are so great!

    Here at Casa Hyphen, we’ve eaten the main meal, talked to 2/3 of the progeny and played half a game of Scrabble. Dh is walking the poos before the beautiful day gets dark and chilly, then I think we’ll do dessert, veg with a DVD, and finish up our Scrabble game when our brains recuperate.

    It’s been a nice day. 🙂


    • Ting

      Sounds wonderful, Chrissy! Both at the mascots’ celebration and the one at Casa Hyphen.

      Thank you for your continued prayers for my daughter. She is coping well, with lots of support and insulin shots 4 times a day.