November 19 — Signs of our sick society

San Francisco lawmakers will vote on an ordinance that would prohibit nudity in most public places. The proposed ordinance includes exemptions for participants at permitted street fairs and parades, such as the city’s annual gay pride event and the Folsom Street Fair, which celebrates sadomasochism and other sexual subcultures.

The people of rural Nevada’s Storey County elected Lance Gilman commissioner by a wide margin. Gilman owns the Mustang Ranch brothel. He is the first such owner to win election to public office in Nevada since prostitution was legalized there in 1971.

ObamaCare was supposed to make health care more affordable. Tell that to those who have been benefiting from FSA and HSA options. Thanks to ObamaCare, Flex Spending Accounts will be capped in 2013 at $2500. ObamaCare has already imposed an increased penalty for Health Savings Accounts withdrawal and disallowed purchase of health-related products without a prescription. ObamaCare is also requiring a tax on all health-related devices, thus increasing the cost of not just specialty, prescription devices, but also common over-the-counter products like tampons and band-aids.

ObamaCare was also supposed to make health care more available. But because of its numerous regulations and restrictions, half of all doctors practicing now plan to cut back on hours, see fewer patients, or retire altogether. You can also expect the brainiest and greediest young people to give the expense and hard work of med school a pass in favor of entering those New World Order Left-Wing Lucrative professions where they can still use their talents to score the big bucks. Like crony politics.


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12 responses to “November 19 — Signs of our sick society

  1. anonymous

    Makes you wonder about the current system that gives the greatest rewards to the money-changers. Seems someone found a solution long ago. (See : Matthew 21:12-13 )


  2. GP

    They will not stop until they destroy every American tradition, including Thanksgiving:
    This too is part of Agenda 21. The idea is to take away any sense of national pride and replace it with international unity. This way, the whole world will be equally miserable…
    Glenn Beck is coming out with a new book on Agenda 21 that is fiction but based on the UN agenda:

    Click to access summarypublication.pdf


  3. anonymous

    Makes you wonder the true agenda when everyone wants to be an American and attend American schools, but do everything to try and change it to what they already had.

    1) If you don’t want to celebrate American tradition then go home for the holiday and celebrate it how you would like.

    2)Have a peaceful dinner with friends, you don’t need to turn everything in to and Anti-just-get-along event.

    3) Embrace the traditions and add your own to the mix to create new traditions. After all thats how most traditions were formed.


    • GP

      One of the things that was hidden about the obamas is that they do not celebrate Christmas. Mooch was interviewed when she was just a lowly senate wife and she said they did not buy their girls Christmas gifts. I am sure this is why they head off to Hawaii. Muslims probably feel uncomfortable in a house full of Christmas decorations.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Re 3: There is a wonderful movie, What’s Cooking? by Gurinder Chadha, that explores this theme. It’s our family’s favorite for watching every year on Thanksgiving.


  4. GP

    Why is it that the only ones who seem to understand what Obama is trying to do besides us, are those who were born into communism:


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am reminded often of those Jews who saw the signs as Hitler rose to power and fled Germany while they still could.


  5. GP

    Here’s one for Grudge. Alan West finally throws in the towel. The saddest thing is that the comments are so disgusting. But what do we expect from the tolerant left. I am so fed up with these moonbats calling us teabaggers. Can America be saved from these vermin?????


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I don’t think America can be saved. And I’m relieved West won’t be wasting these next years banging his head against a brick wall in D.C.

      I think he was supposed to fight, the same as I think Romney/Ryan were supposed to run and we who fought for them were supposed to do that.

      But there’s a time to accept reassignment. I’ve noticed with my military kids that, when one mission is completed, there is a lot of down time before they get reassigned.

      They stay busy, resting their minds and bodies, taking care of their stuff, reconnecting with family and friends. That is what this time feels like to me for all of us, God’s warriors.

      That’s why I’m posting very little about politics and focusing on prayer, Bible study, and smelling the roses.