Yes, Virginia. This country really is going down the drain.

You HAVE to watch Judge Judy tells it like it is:

“$70,000 right down the sewer.”

This guy is a third year college student, but doesn’t speak proper English or know enough to carry a hankie?

“Know what I’m sayin’, that’s what she dere for.”

This guy is getting a COLLEGE education? What for?

“To be me.”

And someone is going to HIRE him after he graduates? ::snort::

[I was going to ask how he got to his third year without flunking out, but that’s obvious. He’s black.]


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4 responses to “Yes, Virginia. This country really is going down the drain.

  1. anonymous

    Makes you wonder about those statistics of how difficult it is for collage graduates to enter the work force. — Sorry you’re somewhat overqualified, we don’t seem to have a position open at the moment for someone with Four year degree in “Me” –.

  2. Bob

    This self-centered jerk is yet one more argument (as if any more were needed) why government should get out of the education business altogether. Only an entity as stupid as government could think it was a good idea for taxpayers to cover tuition and living costs for someone who is so manifestly unfit for higher education. This doofus ought to be in a trade school or job training program of some sort. He might possibly be intelligent enough to work on an assembly line or be a janitor or something, but he certainly doesn’t belong in college. He should be free to go to college if he wants to (although in the absence of government-run colleges and universities it’s hard to imagine one that would admit him), but he should have to pay for it himself, and not be getting a free ride via the taxpayers.

    • chrissythehyphenated

      He reminds me of the absent father in Sister Act II, the one the mother says spent his life crying into his beer about his coulda, shoulda, wouldas.