Update: 141% turnout a myth

This is at Twitchy, which I believe was founded by Michelle Malkin, who I trust.


Voter turnout in St. Lucie County, Fla., was not 141 percent. The confusion arose because uninformed people mistakenly conflated the number of “cards cast” (the number of ballot pages submitted by voters) with the number of voters. Since most voters submitted two ballot pages, voter turnout in in St. Lucie County was roughly half the number of cards cast. Thus, turnout was roughly 70-71 percent, not 141 percent.

Just one thing … it is hardly as simple as “We’re too dumb to know they had two cards.” As you can see below, the first page of the report shows statistics labeled TURN OUT. Under that are columns for number of Registered Voters, Number of Cards Cast, and Percent of Turnout.

Click to embiggen graphic.

The REPORT shows 141% TURN OUT. What kind of lunatic system is this?

Hmm, let me think. This is the same district run by Gertrude Walker, the woman Allen West says is either incompetent or corrupt. And as irregularities continue in his recount, he’s leaning toward corrupt. So here’s a wild idea … maybe they set up the columns deliberately to confuse us, so we’d all do what we did, which is go ballistic, so they could then oh-so-patiently pat us on our stupid little tinfoily heads and explain in words of one syllable why we were dumber than dirt to think the election was rigged. And THEN anybody who continues to want real answers to real election fraud questions could be thrown into that convenient “birthers and clingers” barrel with all the other wingnuts nobody needs to listen to. Hmmm?


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7 responses to “Update: 141% turnout a myth

  1. What A Hoot

    So, does Michelle have it wrong and ‘read’ an explanation and did not look at the actual report which says %turnout? I trust Michelle, but not as much as Chrrisythehyphenated who actually has the report/screenshot graphicked.


  2. anonymous

    I’m going to go with less of a conspiracy theory, more of the fact that we are humans. Therefor less then perfect and more pron to error and preconceptions then we generally would like to admit. We tend to get lax over time and assume that the first peg that fits into the hole it is always the correct one.


    • “I’m going to go with less of a conspiracy theory, more of the fact that we are humans” -nobody.

      Applying Occam’s Razor, corruption is the explanation that makes the fewest assumptions. Are there “errors” everywhere that similarly favor Republicans? Are there lots of tweets from Republicans bragging about voting multiple times? To make a presumption of incompetence, one must ignore history, past and recent, and all we know and have seen of the lying, scheming, corrupt Democratic Party. I’ll “go with” the painfully obvious.


      • And the opposition to Voter ID and anything else that makes stealing elections more difficult always comes from the left, never the right. They accuse us of wanting to make voting harder. Nonsense. We just want to make cheating harder.


      • anonymous

        I’m thinking Occam would have laughed… I’m sure you completely validated the ID’s of them tweets to make sure they didn’t come from 12 year old kid or even a republican trying to poke some fun or even just shift some blame.. Only the real smart ones run to twitter to post I just robbed a bank leaving a trail of money.


  3. then there is a real problem because there was an excess of voters in other parts of the country, including Ohio. Not all of these can have the same cause…. although in this one specific case it is logical.

    Gertrude Walker interfered with the vote count. No matter how you look at it, there was corruption.


    • anonymous

      There has been a real problem on both sides from the time that the first vote was cast going back long before this generation. Not just with the voting process, but with other aspects such as the reports of companies / originations pressuring or threatening people to vote for particular candidate or cause. Your vote should not be a condition of employment or participation in any affiliation.