Castration without representation

Cat-speak for losing an election because of massive voter fraud.

Henri – Politique [1:10]

H/t Bob, who inexplicably likes cats, go figure.


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4 responses to “Castration without representation

  1. Ann Barnhardt “The Economy Is Going To Implode Pt.1 of 8” @


    • In case anyone would find it convenient, it just so happens I put Ann’s series into a playlist a couple of days ago, available on YouTube or on my site.

      Tell me that Pete is just taking a breather and he’s okay? Please?

      Since Pete’s Pix seems to have gone away, I thought I’d mention that I’ve continued making playlists of politicallish vids. You can find the list of all video playlists on my site here. Not as inspiring as Pete’s Pix with comments. But what could be?


  2. Good analogy, Chrissy. We are all castrati now. 😦