There’s the American Way and then there’s the Democrat Way

Democrat candidates are soooooooooo superior they need felons and thugs to help them win.

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Nov 6, 2012: New Black Panthers at Polling Places in Philadelphia with Nightsticks [1:26]

Philadelphia = GOP poll inspectors forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations where, surprise (NOT), Obama won over 99% of the vote and voter turnout was 30% higher than anywhere else in the city.

Florida = Broward County gave Obama more than 99% of votes

Florida = Obama won St. Lucie County with 141.1% voter turnout

Ohio = Obama won Ohio County with 108% voter turnout; 21 Cleveland districts gave EVERY vote to Obama

Obama did NOT WIN re-election. Is this the New United States … or will somebody DO something about it?


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15 responses to “There’s the American Way and then there’s the Democrat Way

  1. GP

    With all the power they have no, I see no way of overcoming this. This is why the democrats have a strangle on IL. They have stacked the deck and have no intentions of giving it up. The Chicagomob has now taken their strategy nationwide.
    Notice how the dems were not only able to get obama re elected, they were able to target every teaparty favorite.
    This is how fascism takes hold.
    It is going to take a masssive effort to change this.
    I have my doubts it is possible.
    And if the GOP does not embrace the Ron Paul and the Tea Party movements, there is no hope for our salvation.


    • Sorry GP, but embracing Ron Paul isn’t the answer. While he has many good ideas, he’s not the “Savior” that Paulbots believe he is.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I heard him talk about foreign policy once and couldn’t believe how ignorant he sounded.


        • anonymous

          Chris Christie at the moment is one of the only respected Republicans. Stayed loyal to his party(voted Mitt) and his State(did not abandon his post). Yet was man enough to praise the ones that came to his aid. Integrity, lead by example. However I see the Republicans are in a feeding frenzy because he did not abandon his state and go play dress up for Mitt.


      • GP

        Oh, I agree that Ron Paul is the crazy uncle. But we need to tap into his followers, many of whom I know, that follow him because they THINK he is trustworthy because he blasts both parties. These people are mostly libertarian and think a third party is the answer. What they need, is to be persuaded that the only way to change is to change the current parties, or in this case the GOP because the Dems have gone commie. A third party, though it sounds so tempting because the GOP are a bunch of useful idiots, would just land us all in political purgatory.


    • Sorry GP but Ron Paul would be an equal disaster as Obama. He does not have what it takes to be a real leader. He knows how to say things, but he is one who was bringing home the bacon, which is contrary to what he was preaching.


  2. Violet

    This is infuriating. These people are admitting guilt. They need to be arrested and tried with treason for tampering with the voting process. Examples should be made of them, so severely that nobody would consider casting more than one ballot again. I’d be happy to help deliver the beat-down.


  3. They also sent bus loads from Chicago into Wisconsin for the same reason as outlined above.


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  5. What A Hoot

    It only gets worse. Boener says he will no longer fight obamacare (it is what Repubicans want him to do but won’t) now that Obama has been reelected. Says Obocare is “law of the land”


  6. anonymous

    If Doctor Veto and the Weeper of the house is the cream of the crop then it’s no wonder the party is more divided then the nation. The term lead by example comes to mind. What really rings off key in that link is the logic is that it’s OK to be a traitor to your country as long as you are not one to your party…go figure that priority to begin to understand what is wrong.