Focus on our families

Buzz imitating his good Daddy taking care of baby Bunny :o).

He’s holding “Dolly”, the baby doll my mom got Lil Mama Buzz when I was pregnant with #2. She wrote with this picture,

“doesnt this just make you melt?! hes just holding her, watching his Baby Songs dvd (hopefully about to nap) and the song that was playing when I came over is about a baby — 2 lines : “little baby, I love you so” and “little baby, I love holding you” :)”



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3 responses to “Focus on our families

  1. What A Hoot

    I just want give this cutie a big hug.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Me too, Hoot. Unfortunately, he is a One Woman Man.

      Now, Pete or Red or Mindful … he’d go to them in a heartbeat (if his Daddy wasn’t around). Got boy parts, tools and a project? He’ll be right there by your side, watching and learning and handing you things.

      But gals? Fuhgeddaboutit. He’s Mama’s Boy until his Life Mate comes along and then, like his Good Daddy, he will cleave unto her faithfully forever.

      Whenever they travel, he leaves broken lady hearts behind. Grandmas, aunties, and his Mama’s bffs can just go suck eggs as far as this little man is concerned.

      Babies though … he dotes on and protects them. He’ll be a wonderful hubby and daddy, but as a grandson, … sigh. The only smiles I’ve ever gotten were the ones he flashed at his Mama when she had a camera aimed at him.

      As for hugs, nada; he pushed me away. It hurt. I know, he’s two. But it still hurt. And I know it’s not just me. He’s done it to every other adult woman who is not his Mama.

      I’m trying to learn from it, get a glimpse of how God feels when His children don’t want to rush into His arms.

      But on a human level, it’s really tough not to feel a lot more warm and fuzzy about my little Huggy Bunny who lurved me up every moment she was here.