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I hadn’t really planned on posting anything,but I will not join the left in ignoring those who are serving and have served.I am constantly in awe at the courage and devotion these warriors show without thought to the risk they take and the sacrifices they and their loved ones make to protect the freedom we all too often take for granted.What galls me is they protect the back of a president who would stick a bayonet in theirs without pause or regret.For all the pain we will endure going forward,it pales to the reality of losing a limb,your eyesight , your very life or see a buddy blown to pieces, and suffer immeasurable pain for the rest of your life.Please join me in saying a special prayer today for those in uniform and those who lie under fields of white crosses from Arlington to Normandy to the Ardennes , Okinawa and Saigon.

Added by CtH: Mama Buzz sent a progress pic, which I can share because there aren’t any photos of Afghanistan and Iraq War Veteran Daddy Buzz up yet. I made the quilt and they purchased the quilt hanger from an all-veteran woodworking company.


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There’s the American Way and then there’s the Democrat Way

Democrat candidates are soooooooooo superior they need felons and thugs to help them win.

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Nov 6, 2012: New Black Panthers at Polling Places in Philadelphia with Nightsticks [1:26]

Philadelphia = GOP poll inspectors forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations where, surprise (NOT), Obama won over 99% of the vote and voter turnout was 30% higher than anywhere else in the city.


Florida = Broward County gave Obama more than 99% of votes


Florida = Obama won St. Lucie County with 141.1% voter turnout


Ohio = Obama won Ohio County with 108% voter turnout; 21 Cleveland districts gave EVERY vote to Obama


Obama did NOT WIN re-election. Is this the New United States … or will somebody DO something about it?


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Focus on our families

Buzz imitating his good Daddy taking care of baby Bunny :o).

He’s holding “Dolly”, the baby doll my mom got Lil Mama Buzz when I was pregnant with #2. She wrote with this picture,

“doesnt this just make you melt?! hes just holding her, watching his Baby Songs dvd (hopefully about to nap) and the song that was playing when I came over is about a baby — 2 lines : “little baby, I love you so” and “little baby, I love holding you” :)”



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