Wisdom from 1966

A small sampling of the oh-so-gracious “We Won!” tweets by the oh-so-grateful recipients of free-crap and supporters of our post-racial president (I don’t really need a /sarc tag here, do I?) …

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  1. I think disheartened conservatives are going to have to fight the temptation to “check out” and think, “What’s the use?” If we just sit around, waiting for others to do the work and then eventually, after their hard efforts and labor, having them hand us the government we want, isn’t that kinda like taking welfare when you’re actually able to work?


  2. GP

    I am just not buying the idea that millions of conservatives did not vote. I don’t know anyone who was not hell bent on voting.
    I think all those millions were votes the democRATS managed to toss in the circular file, or were able to change.
    There was a lot of cheating. They cheated big time so that it was not so obvious.
    It makes me wonder if we will ever win another election. It is totally impossible in Illinois. The thugs that destroy democracy in my state are not in control.
    Its who counts the votes that count and in all the swing states, the Chicago machine was deeply embedded.
    We have a LOT of work to do.


  3. GP

    The War on Cancer (a survivor’s perspective)
    Over the past several years, we have seen a concerted effort to divide Americans and conquer the American dream. First they tried to foment a race war, then it was a war on women, then it was a war on the top 1%, etc etc.
    The progressives have had another huge victory in the war they themselves have caused, but we must not surrender.
    The real war we are fighting is the hardest of all to defeat-
    The War on the Cancer of Socialism.
    As I write this, exactly 5 years ago today, I was coming out of surgery to eradicate a tumor that had the potential to kill me. I was so incredibly lucky that I was able to find it early, and that I had a skilled surgeon who could cut out.
    But that was just the start.
    When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was so mad I literally could not think. I was in a total rage. After all, I never smoked or drank, and I had spent my whole life being very active, organic gardening, very little fast food, yada, yada, yada. I did not DESERVE cancer!
    The only way I got rid of the anger was to fight my way through it. I read as much as I could, did a lot of soul searching and finally made peace with it all by peeling back the onion, one layer at a time. Most of all, I resolved to never quit fighting because I know the alternative could be deadly.
    I know my fellow patriots are filled with that same kind of anger right now. Our nation has been incubating cancer for years and we keep losing battle after battle in our attempts to be free of this insidious disease. Most Americans have worked hard, paid their taxes, lived honestly and charitably and yet the cancer of socialism is on the verge of destroying us. WE did not deserve this. This is not what our founders had in mind when they fought for a free republic. There is nothing in our constitution that gives us the right to free stuff. It is time for America to peel back the onion, even if it makes us cry. The life of our country depends on.
    So where do we start, and how do we get others to take this cancer seriously?
    We have to take it one step at a time and wake up the ignorant and the deniers.
    One of the things that I learned about cancer is that it sneaks up on you. It takes a long time to develop and spreads slowly, one cell at a time until it is finally so obvious, it cannot be ignored. Some of us notice it at stage one, when it is easier to eradicate. Some of us are blindsided and it is too late.
    Half of Americans are well aware that the cancer of socialism is killing us. We have felt the sickening symptoms of Socialism and tried to do everything possible to fight it off. But this cancer has tentacles all over our nation and continues to grow because too many Americans have been led to believe it does not exist or worse, that it is actually good for us. As long as they are addicted to the gluttony, sloth and lack of faith upon which cancer thrives, it will continue to consume us.
    We must find the cure now!
    We passed Stage One in 2006 when many of us first palpated a growing tumor. At this stage, cancer is not a death sentence. It is a wake up call, and the sleeping giant was awakened. We picked up our pens, raised our voices and drank our tea and even though we started to beat back the ugly demon of socialism, the cancer persisted.
    But so did we. We seemed to take two steps back for every step forward, but we never quit. We were up against an onslaught of propaganda by a media that does not want a cure. They are addicted to their own power from this disease, even if in the end, Freedom of the Press will be one of the first body parts that is cut off. When we reached Stage Two, and saw an admitted Marxist move into the White House, we fought even harder. We were fighting for the survival of the ideals of One Nation, Under God, and were not about to succumb to this disease.
    From the first Pilgrims, socialism was tried in the new land and beaten back when common sense prevailed. But like all cancers, socialism can never be destroyed if its roots are still alive. It can only be kept at bay by people who consciously make wiser choices. We are stymied by massive ignorance.
    And even though half of us are now wide awake, the other half are still in denial or are actually relishing in the side effects. They are swallowing those magic pills of socialism, even though it will kill them in the end.
    The cancer of socialism can only be staved off with honesty. We must continue to spread the truth about how the cancer of socialism eats away at our freedoms.
    This is what I know to be true about this disease:
    Cancer grows when people ignore it because they do not believe it will happen to them.
    Cancer grows when people pretend it does not exist because they do not trust their own instincts. Instead they believe a charismatic doctor telling them everything is just fine.
    Cancer grows when people get too addicted to all the “stuff” that causes it. They continue to imbibe, for short moments of pleasure, even when they know it is destroying their long term health.
    The causes of cancer are seductive and hard to say no to.
    Cancer thrives in a toxic environment that percolates in our minds and permeates the soul.
    The cancer of socialism has been allowed to spread so much in the past few decades that we are almost at the point of no return.
    But we still cannot give up or give in. We have not reached Stage 4 yet, but we sure are getting close.
    With all cancers, we need to be educated about the causes so that we can learn to knock it out.
    The cause of the current disease wracking our nation goes back to the hippies of my youth who never gave up on their socialist idealism. Sadly, THEY are in control right now. When their violent tactics did not get them very far back in the 60’s, they went underground, and became the establishment that they once scorned. They brainwashed our society by becoming the teachers, journalists and lawmakers and have stoked the fires of this cancer that is about to destroy us.
    Our country is now at Stage Three, and half the country is not just denying it, they are embracing it. At this stage, cancer can still be conquered, but it is not going to be easy. We must stop it now, before we get to Stage Four and there is no turning back.
    We have these choices:
    We can choose to ignore it and HOPE is just goes away. (fat chance!)
    We go about our lives, just trying to SURVIVE day by day.
    Or we can choose to THRIVE, and eradicate this disease once and for all.
    Yes, we are angry at the diagnosis. We have fought hard and long and yet cancer continues to spread. We have given up much for the health of our country but there are just too many bad habits that others refuse to break. Too many Americans have become addicted to getting their “fair share” and do not want to give up anything, even if it kills us all in the end.
    So where do we start?
    We can take some time to sit back and reflect a bit, and then regroup because we have no other choice. Our country is worth saving for future generations of Americans who deserve their chance at the American Dream.
    We must figure out a way to expose the truth, and support the new leaders who will emerge and hopefully do a better job of explaining the cure. Cancer is a tough foe, but it is beatable. There is no easy cure for cancer. No magic pill, just bitter ones. But cancer is curable. It just takes a total commitment to find its source, expose it, knock it out, and then build up strong defenses against its return.
    Veterans Day is just a few days away. Let’s honor our American Heroes by making this the day we pick ourselves up and recommit to the fight for freedom. We must not back down. We must pay tribute to those who never gave up on us.
    George Washington and his paltry army had little more than a few threads on their backs, yet they forged ahead.
    Abraham Lincoln somehow mustered the courage to endure the horror of brother killing brother and held our nation together even when he knew he was despised by the other side.
    Our grandparents fought to free the world of fascism and communism through two World Wars.
    They never gave up on us.
    Too many Americans have forgotten this and we must make it our mission to remind them.
    What has always set Americans apart from every other country is our willingness to fight for freedom.
    We cannot quit now.
    Of all the wars ever fought, the war on cancer has been the one with the most casualties. It will keep killing if we do not stop it.
    It is time to win this war once and for all!
    And remember there is always a sliver lining.
    The greatest lesson I have learned from cancer is that it can be a blessing.
    Cancer has forced me to take my health seriously, and never take it for granted again. As a result, I have never felt better in my life since I made the commitment to make wiser choices. Cancer has put me on a path to true health and along the way; I have met so many wonderful people and made new friends who have enriched my life. None of this would have happened if not for being awakened as a result of cancer.
    Cancer will kill us if we do nothing,
    it can make us happier and healthier in the end.
    Never forget-
    What doesn’t kill us,
    always makes us stronger.
    The body of the US Constitution is worth fighting for!
    No Surrender!