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God’s timing is always perfect

Flight Plan By Debra Davis, Shreveport, Louisiana


The woman at the airline ticket counter in Munich, Germany, just shook her head. “I’m sorry, but there’s no more availability on this flight,” she said.

Great, I thought. My husband, Bob, and I had enjoyed every moment of our dream vacation, two weeks in Europe, but I was ready to go home to Shreveport, Louisiana, and sleep in my own bed.

Bob could see how frustrated I was. “We’ll just have to try to get on the flight tomorrow,” he said. “Let’s enjoy the extra day.”

Bob’s right, I thought. There were more important things to be worried about—my son Joe, a First Lieutenant in the Army 82nd Airborne Division, would be returning to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina for a short R&R from his tour of duty in Baghdad, and we weren’t sure we’d be able to see him in the little time he’d be stateside.

Plus, the time was so up in the air! Back at our hotel, I checked my email to see if our daughter-in-law Monica had any news on when Joe was due to arrive. Sure enough, there was a message. “Joe’s been delayed again,” it read, with one of those little frowny faces.

The next morning we made it onto our flight back to the States. Unfortunately, we had to stop in Atlanta. Our connecting flight there was delayed because of bad weather. The hours passed. I felt the frustration building.

“That’s it!” I finally said. “I just want to get home already!”

That’s when I saw a group of soldiers coming down the ramp from one of the gates. I thought of Joe. They’re coming back from a war, I reminded myself. I’m coming back from vacation. What right do I have to be frustrated? Maybe the troops were God’s way of reminding me to trust in his time.

Bob grabbed my arm. “Look at those soldiers coming down the ramp.”

“I see them,” I said.

Bob persisted. “Do you see who’s in front?”

Suddenly, all those delays across all those miles made perfect sense. I rushed toward my son Joe’s open arms.

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Nov 7 Meditation

We did not win the battle, but we did make a difference to each other and God honors that. All our actions are before His eyes continually.

When we confess our sins, He graciously covers them with Jesus’ blood so they are truly erased and no longer remembered. But our good works, He remembers and celebrates eternally.

What to do now we have lost the nation?

Remember that Jesus won the war.

We’ve known since Israel was reconstituted that the End Times were upon us.

In my lifetime, I’ve watched as Christian civilizations trampled on their birthright by legalizing child murder, the one crime that marked the civilizations and religions that God told us were most abhorrent to Him.

I’ve watched as the world’s population has risen by the billions and thought, “This is what God told us to do … go forth and fill the earth.” And it struck me powerfully that more human beings are alive right now than have ever lived in the history of our species.

He did not make us to live here; He made us to live eternally with Him. Our time here is temporary and its stories are not the real story. The real story is the choice each and every soul makes to be with God or apart from Him.

I had hoped this election would give us a reprieve, a time to restore the light of liberty on the world’s hill as a beacon to the oppressed of the world. Now I feel that is not to be.

I got an email today about buckling down and fighting hard for 2016. But I think the country will be as unrecognizable in 2016 as Germany was after Hitler solidified his power.

Romney should have won. If we couldn’t manage a free election this year, when we still had a lot of our freedoms, when we knew and were prepared for election fraud, then we haven’t got a chance from now on.

Obama’s DOJ suppressed a voter fraud case from 2008. There’s no way we’re going to get any fairness now. Benghazi is going to be swept under the rug along with every other dirty thing they have done and will continue to do.

Obama and Jarrett et al. have been suppressing the rule of law and stripping us of our freedoms for the past four years. From now on, I expect them to only accelerate all the things they’ve been doing all along, which in short are pushing Satan’s agenda and persecuting God’s people.

We need to focus on people, on the salvation of our own souls and the souls of our loved ones. As Dearest said, “It’s back to the catacombs for us.”

I’m also hoping that whole Rapture thing turns out to be true.

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Hope in God

“Our hope is not in a party or platform or candidate. Our hope is in a God who is a loving Father and who remains on his throne regardless of who wins an election. If your faith is shaken/bolstered because your candidate wins or loses, you’re worshiping the wrong god.”

Posted on my Facebook by a friend of David Peck


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