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“First, let me assure you that your feelings are perfectly normal. Many American families across the country are facing the same dilemma—how to get along with someone they technically love, but can’t actually stand at the moment. Thousands of worried mothers are wondering if their glamorous holiday tables will become impromptu boxing rings at the mere mention of Romney or Obama.”

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TIP: Do not attempt to eat or drink while reading.

Author’s bio: “Political Therapy is an advice column like no other. At least, I hope so, because I make up all of the column’s questions to fit whatever topic I want to pontificate about. I also have zero official advice credentials, but, as my loving family can attest, I DO have years of experience giving unwanted advice. So please read and, hopefully, enjoy. Because the world has been waiting for my opinion.”

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  1. Love the picture, CtH! Tina was so pleased with this, too, but I still think she’s going to sit on “Anonymous in Westby” if Romney wins, because the “distant” relative mentioned in the blog is not, in any way, hypothetical. I can’t get away with ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! For which fact said “distant relative” is, entirely unwittingly, very fortunate.