Violent bigot speaks in Obama’s name

Warning: Foul language and anti-Christian hatred

Dan Savage: Obama’s Bully-In-Chief [2:44]


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2 responses to “Violent bigot speaks in Obama’s name

  1. Nothing irritates me more than the way our political opponents always assume that everything we do is motivated by hate. I guess it’s a classic case of projection. This guy is obviously full of hate, so he naturally assumes that all the rest of us are too.

    None of my opinions, political or otherwise, are motivated by hate, yet I get accused of it any time my opinion conflicts with that of someone on the left. Sigh…


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Odd how they demand we understand their point of view, by which they mean accept, as if understanding automatically means acceptance and lack of acceptance is always a sign of ignorance (and hatred), yet make NO ATTEMPT to understand us.