Bill Whittle speaks for me

I agree with EVERYTHING he says here. If you know a principled Conservative, someone who is planning to vote third party or not vote at all because Romney isn’t Conservative enough, please … try to get them to watch this. It’s really good.

Nov 1, 2012: Falling on Principle [7:28]

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “I knew General Carter Ham from my active duty service in the Army and have interacted with him as a member of the House Armed Services Committee. General Ham possesses an impeccable reputation built upon an exceptional character, integrity beyond reproach, and a keen warrior ethos. It is absolutely astonishing to me that all of a sudden General Ham was removed from AFRICOM Command and is now retiring. There is something horribly amiss here and Americans should demand an explanation from the Commander-in-Chief as to why a major Combatant Commander has been removed from command early and is now retiring. If President Obama is not forthcoming with a complete explanation on this matter, the Benghazi terrorist attack incident, and why Major Nidal Hasan’s actions are classified as workplace violence…on November 6, 2012 the American people should relieve President Obama of HIS command and retire him to Chicago, Hawaii, or wherever.” – Rep. Allen West


    • GP

      We all know that the liar is hoping this will blow over until after the election.
      Then if God forbid, the SOB is re elected, we will have a GOP congress who will dig out the truth, and we will go through the impeachment turmoil again.
      Can you imagine? Obama will play the victim, just as Clinton did and they will instigate a civil war.
      We need to get down on our needs and pray this does not happen.
      If God answers prayers, then PLEASE GOD,
      wake up the people in this country to vote out this
      lying, racist, commie, POS!


      • GP, your concerns regarding the consequences of re-election and impeachment seem not just probable but all too likely. In the same vein as this:

        Ulsterman: What happens right after the election? If Obama loses?
        White House Insider: Riots.
        UM: And if Obama wins?
        WHI: Riots.

        Take maybe some comforting hope from the title of the article, White House Insider: Governor Romney Is Gonna Win This Thing


        • GP

          AMW-That is a really interesting blog. I never saw it before. What is the background??


        • chrissythehyphenated

          “WHI: Not in my experience son. Not even close. I will say this though…Romney…the Romney campaign. They are about as clean as I’ve seen. And I ain’t sayin’ that just because…you know. It’s the truth. Which is a good thing in a way…but in another way…it worries me. Got an ulcer the size of my fist, swear to God…I’d feel better if they played a little more dirty on that end of things. Just for some peace of mind. It’s usually not the candidate who is the campaign crook. It’s…it’s the rest of us. We do the down n dirty, right? But Romney…he’s made it clear the campaign isn’t to go there.”

          WE MUST PRAY CONTINUALLY FOR FRAUD AND DECEPTION TO BE PREVENTED AND EXPOSED!!!! We have angelic warriors going to all the polls. If we pray, they will have more freedom to act. E.g., nudging poll workers about someone who is voting fraudulently that something isn’t right and how to counter it. Come on folks. We don’t have to be dirty to win. God’s been bringing the victory for his people for millennia … IF WE ARE RIGHTEOUS AND PRAY AND DO THINGS THE WAY HE SAYS.


    • Thank you for this from Allen West!

      West links Ham to Benghazi 9/11/12, pretty overtly. Obviously, any informed person might speculate that, but West is not just any of us. His on-the-inside “speculation” is particularly damning, and (I pray) he is in a position to get hard answers. (Siigh! As if we ever get hard answers when gummint is involved.)


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Got a SITREP on Obama Signage in Ithaca. Dearest said he saw some signs for the Democrat candidate for Congress, but few to none for Oblammers.

    Also, heard about a new game Romney supporters are playing around the area. Stand on a busy street corner holding a big sign that says, “HONK if you’re for ROMNEY/RYAN.”

    They say it’s great fun, because they gets lots of honking and O’s fans can’t do anything about it, except flip them the bird quick before the light changes. ::snort::


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