Mama Buzz reports that Bunny got a baby doll for her birthday and she loves it. So she got Dolly out, the baby doll that my mom had bought for her almost 30 years ago when I got pregnant with her sister. While she was doing some dishes, Buzz came into kitchen carrying Dolly and walked around a bit just holding her nicely, then he left and later came back without her. So Mama looked around the corner and saw he had laid Dolly down gently on the floor in front of Bunny. :o))) I’m a little puddly right now, what with Bunny looking SO much like her Mama did and her sister now carrying her first! ::sniff::

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  1. Auntie Lib

    Sooo sweet!

    Things are different at my daughter’s house where three-year-old grandson is teaching 8 month old grandson how to use a Star Wars light saber to fight 5 year-old big brother. Baby can’t even walk and he’s got a mean swing on him. A doll wouldn’t survive around those wild ones!