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3 responses to “Leadership

  1. Tis is so true. Romney shows real leadership. He has been getting donations and forwarding the food and supplies to those who need them the most.

    Giving money to the Red Cross is a waste of time. Even I will not give to the Red Cross. They have been off my donations list for some time. I prefer either Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul because I know that donations will be used for the right purpose, which is not the case with the Red Cross (then of course there is the use of Red Cross in Lebanon to carry weapons and the like in the last war with Israel, but I digress). The Red Cross are no longer representative of a true charitable organization.

    So yes, Obama did a talkfest and offered nothing. He thinks that is leadership. Romney is standing there helping with the donations. There is a ton of difference between the two men and I know who I prefer.

    If I was an American citizen this would be a no brainer, and my vote would go to Mitt Romney.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m thinking BHO overestimates the value of his photo ops with his “gimme free crap” constituency. They’ll be all warm and fuzzy in the short run because he hugged some lady and said, “You can call me at the White House.”

      But when the inevitable SLOW recovery from such devastation plays out, they’ll get pissed and blame the man who promised them fast, effective help.

      I was bothered at first by Chris Christie’s behavior with Obama, esp since he was on Romney’s train early. But I’m thinking now it will serve us. By having all those pics of him and BHO taken and him praising Obama’s support, he underlined and wrote in ALL CAPS, “OBAMA IS THE MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR FIXING THIS.”

      The mentality of people like ObamaPhoneLady is to give Obama credit for ObamaPhones, even though that program has been in place since Clinton. She said blithely that Romney sucks, but we’ve seen interviews with people like her who have NO IDEA what the two men stand for.

      I have no problem seeing the GimmeFreeCrap hurricane crowd turning against Obammers before election day simply because the power isn’t on yet and they need someone to blame.