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Nov 2 Pray for Our Nation

Help us, God our savior, on account of the glory of your name.

Deliver us, pardon our sins for your name’s sake.

Turn back sevenfold into the bosom of our neighbors

the insult with which they insulted you, Lord.

Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give thanks to you forever;

from generation to generation we will recount your praise.

Psalm 79:9, 12, 13 (Revised New American translation)

Believing is possible only by grace and the interior helps of the Holy Spirit. But it is no less true that believing is an authentically human act. Trusting in God and cleaving to the truths he has revealed is contrary neither to human freedom nor to human reason. Even in human relations it is not contrary to our dignity to believe what other persons tell us about themselves and their intentions, or to trust their promises (for example, when a man and a woman marry) to share a communion of life with one another. If this is so, still less is it contrary to our dignity to “yield by faith the full submission of… intellect and will to God who reveals”, and to share in an interior communion with him.  From the Catholic Catechism, Paragraph 154.

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Obama’s hidden past

October 24, 2012: Billionaire Donald Trump offered Barack Obama a check for $5 million for his choice of charities if he would produce his college and passport records.

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement [2:45]

November 1, 2012: Mr. Caring and Transparency ignored Trump’s offer. (I wonder how those calls to the White House for help with hurricane relief are going?)

In the video clip above, The Donald rightly claims that he is responsible for getting Obama to finally release his long-form birth certificate (or some faked up facsimile thereof).

Obama did this only under POLITICAL pressure that was damaging him personally.

But when Lt. Col. Terry Lakin asked to see proof that Obama had the Constitutional right to order him into harm’s way, Obama didn’t lift a finger, not even to keep the man out of prison.

The Terry Lakin case ranks at the top of scurvy, slimey, makes-my-hair-smolder-with-anger things Barack Obama has ever done.

Why Did Barack Obama Let Terry Lakin Go to Jail?

By Jack Cashill – July 5, 2012


Former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin knows what despair feels like. He felt it full-bore on a late December day in 2010. Having been stripped of his rank, income, benefits, pension, and authority at court martial, this much-honored 17-year U.S. Army veteran was about to lose his freedom.

The good doctor had refused deployment to Afghanistan. He had been there before in his role as flight surgeon and would have been happy to go again. He had his bags packed and was ready to leave. All he asked from his commander-in-chief before boarding the plane was a sign, a nod to the constitutional niceties, a show of his birth certificate. It was not forthcoming.

Now, Lakin was on his way to Fort Leavenworth’s Joint Regional Correctional Facility. Of all his hardship deployments, Bosnia included, this would be the hardest. After he bid a tearful farewell to his wife and three young children, his military minders chained his hands together and attached those chains to a band around his waist. They chained his legs and attached those, too. They then loaded him into a van and drove him to Reagan National.

There, Lakin endured his ultimate humiliation: a seemingly endless perp walk — a shuffle really — through a concourse filled with flags and patriotic bunting and the happy sight of returning soldiers. None of the display had lost its appeal, but Lakin could not overlook the irony of his being chained and bound amidst it all.

The civilian psychologist who did intake assessments at Fort Leavenworth claimed to know why the soft-spoken doctor refused deployment, or at least he thought he did. As he put it, Lakin did not believe Obama to have been born in the United States or to be constitutionally eligible to be president.

Lakin corrected him. As he explained, he did not know where the president was born or whether the president was eligible. The problem was that no one did. As Lakin saw it, the oath that he took as an officer in the U.S. Army — “I, Terrence Lee Lakin, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” — all but dictated that he seek the truth.

After exhausting all military channels, Lakin took the one honorable step that he thought would force the president to respond, even if it meant a court martial. The psychologist didn’t get it. He could not quite factor “honor” into a mental illness evaluation.

The White House, which was aware of Lakin’s ordeal, could have spared him imprisonment had the president done in April 2010 what he did in April 2011. Under pressure from Donald Trump, President Obama presented at least a facsimile of a birth certificate. At the churlish little press conference surrounding the event, Obama mocked those who had questioned him.

“We’re not going to be able to [address our problems] if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts,” said the president. “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

Lakin watched this presentation on his cell block’s communal TV with dismay. After all he had sacrificed, the president considered him, if he considered him at all, as nothing more than a sideshow freak. That burned.

What burned even more was his later realization that Obama himself had been feeding the story that he was foreign-born. In May of this year, Lakin, like the rest of us, learned that Obama claimed a Kenyan birth in the bio distributed by his literary agent, Jane Dystel, in 1991.

From early on, no doubt, Barack Obama saw that it paid to be exotic. Foreign birth gave him a romantic allure and allowed him to distance himself from the bitter clingers of the country he barely deigned to inhabit.

“I chose my friends carefully,” Obama wrote in his memoir, Dreams from My Father: “The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” These were the people with whom he felt comfortable.

Of course, a Kenyan birth would preclude his becoming president, but in 1991, Obama was not thinking that far ahead. He was likely thinking marketability. In the years that followed, various news services would repeat the Kenyan birth claim, and Obama’s stubborn refusal to show a birth certificate fed the Kenyan birth narrative that he himself had created.

At his April 2011 press conference, Obama chided those who “just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts,” but Lakin sensed even then there was no greater pretender than the president himself. Long before his court-martial, he knew that Obama’s origin’s story, the one on which he built his 2008 candidacy, was a fiction. There was no “improbable love,” no idyllic multicultural family. His parents never lived together. They did not even live in the same state.

It was not until the release of David Maraniss’ book, Barack Obama: The Story, in June 2012 that the media began to concede that the story Obama had been spinning all along was fabricated. Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith, an Obama supporter like Maraniss, “counted 38 instances in which the biographer convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history.” By then, of course, it was too late for Terry Lakin. The media had paid little attention to his ordeal, and then only to belittle him.

Terry Lakin, now freed from prison and military obligations, has finally gotten his chance to set the record straight. His memoir, Officer’s Oath, on which I collaborated, is available for purchase.

In this memoir, unlike Dreams, there are no composite characters, no fabrications, no deceptions. I am hoping that the psychologist who assessed Terry will read it. If he does, he will no longer ask why Lt. Col. Lakin did what he did, but rather why others who had sworn to defend the Constitution — Congress included — did not do the same.







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The sheer volume of videos being produced every day never ceases to amaze me.There’s some really good ones today.



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I remain cautiously optimistic but not overconfident about Tuesday.In a fair fight,it wouldn’t be much of a contest.What worries me is that at least three states have experienced problems with touch screen voting machines registering Romney votes for Obama.Fox had an expert on this morning who said once the vote is cast,there is nothing they can do about it.Why are there no Obama votes being registered for Romney if there’s no shenanigans afoot?Honestly,if Obama were to steal this election I may have to sign off permanently because I could not adhere to my no F-bomb pledge.



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OHIO: Early voting report

Ohioans have given their electoral votes to the winning candidate in every one of the last ten presidential elections.

In 2008, Obama won Ohio with +4.6. In 2004, Bush won Ohio with +2.1.

Today’s Real Clear Politics average has Obama at +2.3, but that includes a Quinnipiac poll at +5 that Karl Rove says uses the 2008 Democrat turnout numbers, which are unrealistic for this year.

Rasmussen shows Romney at +2. Obama 48% vs. Romney 50% vs. Other 1% vs. Undecided 1%.

As of Tuesday, Oct 30, early voters were stacking up with a much less favorable lead for Democrats than 2008.

530,813 of them have been Democrats (181,275 less than 2008)
448,357 of them have been Republicans (75,858 more than 2008)

Most observers expect Republicans to win Election Day turnout.
Most polls show Romney leading with Independents.



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Campaign Hurricane E-mails

These are reputed to be genuine Obama and Romney campaign emails from October 30, 2012:


After all Barack has done in office, and after all you have done to build this campaign, we can’t afford to watch everything slip away on Election Night.

But the other side has out-raised us-our opponents have $45 million more than we do for the Final Stretch…. And none of us has ever seen what a barrage of money like that will do.

That’s why we need to do everything we can in the last days, and why we still need your support.

And, until, tomorrow night, any donation you make will automatically enter you to meet Barack on Election Night!

We can either give it our all in these final days, or wake up on November 7th wishing we’d done a little more.

Don’t wait!

Supporting this campaign once more will move us closer to victory, and enter you to win a trip to join Barack on Election Night.

Thanks, Michelle


Tonight, Ann and I are keeping the people in Hurricane Sandy’s path in our thoughts and prayers.

I hope that if you can, you will reach out to your neighbors who may need help getting ready for the storm-especially your elderly neighbors.

And if you can give of your resources or time, please consider supporting your local Red Cross organization – visit www.redcross.org to get involved.

For safety’s sake, as you and your family prepare for the storm, please be sure to bring any yard signs inside. In high winds, they can be dangerous and cause damage to homes and property.

I’m never so proud of Americans as when I see how we pull together in a crisis. There’s nothing that we can’t handle when we stand together.

Stay safe and God bless,

Mitt Romney



H/t American Thinker article: Pistol Pete


H/t Slogan on graphic: Argh. I forget! Sorry!!


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YES! Another court victory against HHS mandate!

Federal Judge Robert H. Cleland (Michigan) issued a decision issued late Wednesday, October 31, 2012, affirming that “potential for harm to plaintiffs exists, and with the showing plaintiffs have made thus far of being able to convincingly prove their case at trial, it is properly characterized as irreparable.”

The judge’s decision means the federal government will not be allowed to enforce its HHS mandate until the lawsuit is resolved.

In an earlier case in Denver, U.S. District Judge John J. Kane of Colorado issued a similar order preventing enforcement of the mandate.

The “HHS mandate” is a set of regulations adopted by Barack Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services, run by the emphatically pro-abortion Kathleen Sebelius, that forces employers, regardless of religious faith, to pay for insurance coverage for contraception, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization.

Read more @
2nd judge halts enforcement of Obamacare mandate – Nov 1, 2012

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