Political party dominance and voter ID requirements

Only four states require photo ID.

All four are RED.



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4 responses to “Political party dominance and voter ID requirements

  1. The designation for Montana is lightly misleading. While you don’t have to have a photo ID to vote, you do have to prove identity to register to vote and the state does verify eligibility by driver’s license, passport, or SSN. Because of the size of most communities in the state, photo ID is unnecessary – the election judges know virtually everybody in their precincts – LOL!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks, Auntie. I just used the Wikipedia maps posted at the top. Running down all 50 states’ voter id laws and past voting patterns was wayyyyyyyyy more work than I cared for! LOL


  2. ID (not photo) is now required here in the R’est of the R states. Last time we voted was the first time we were asked for ID. I’m glad for that much, at least. Still, much as I value that, it’s moot for us. When Mrs Mindful and I or our kids walk in, those nice, noble, dutiful poll-watching folks always say they’ve been watching for us. Makes democracy all warm and fuzzy like!

    Tuesday, I want to be at our polling place when they open. I’ll beat the poll watchers to drop my ballot in, if I can! We’re not a battleground state, where they need their cheating machines, so us’n’s here in gun-lovin’ religion-clingin’ flyover-country still use old-fashioned tree-based ballots. It’s some comfort. But that electronic ballot box looks ‘way too much like a paper shredder to me!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest already voted, because he is going to be a poll watcher. He explained the new system here in New York. It’s a lot like the way our SATs were done way back when dinosaurs roams the halls of the public schools. I.e., you fill in a paper ballot, then feed it into a machine that scans it.

      So while there is an electronic tally, there is also a paper trail. I suppose scamming the scanner would be no more difficult than any of the other fraudulent voting schemes the lame-assed Dems-Who-Cannot-Win-Honestly use to stay in power. But at least the paper is THERE.

      Total vote discrepancies would show up, because the poll watchers keep multiple carbon-papered lists of who came in. As a voter, I would tell the watcher with the book my name and be presented with my page, where I would sign below all the other times I’ve signed and the watcher would look to see if the sigs matched. Behind the same table, other watchers would add my name and voter registration to the lists.

      During the day, the Ds and Rs who are getting out the vote, will stop by for the lists of their peeps who voted to compare with their lists of their peeps who are registered, stop by or call the unvoted and remind them, maybe offer them a ride. Point being … the people who show up are on a list that provides a tally separate from what the machines are scanning.

      Since exploring this issue in my recent blogs, my prayers have shifted toward God exposing and defeating fraud so that whoever We the People elect actually gets put in office.