Bunny is one year old!


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4 responses to “Bunny is one year old!

  1. GP

    And my baby is 31!
    Celebrate life!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Hey, GP … we must’ve been preggers at the same time. Mama Buzz is turning 31 on Nov 15. 🙂


      • GP

        Well at least you have little buzzies. My son still can’t settle on one girl.
        If you know some single girls, send them this way.


        • My firstborn will be 34 next month… it’s so weird to have a kid who’s almost middle aged. When I was her age I’d been married ten years and had three kids! If I ever have grandkids (and I’m not counting on it) it will probably be thanks to my youngest, who’s only 17 at the moment. She’s the baby lover in the bunch. She wants to adopt orphans from Romania or Bulgaria or something.