White House source says Benghazi attack was botched kidnapping [1:39]

White House Source states Benghazi Attack was attempted kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens.Arranged with Muslim Brotherhood as ‘October Surprise’ by Obama, who wanted to make release of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman more palatable to American people and to boost sagging approval ratings.

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One response to “Obandoned

  1. Nixon was by far the one who was unjustly slimed. Would he have been so paranoid if the press had not hounded him? On the international scene Nixon was the best of the lot of them. He was a very good commander in chief, but you would never have known because of the way he was denigrated.

    Carter was an outright fool but I think he loved his country.

    Obama is a whole other kettle of fish. He is the most unsavoury person that has ever been POTUS.

    I really hope that he ends up in jail over what he has done.