DEMAND a PAPER ballot!

It takes just 60 seconds to REPLACE the ROM

It takes just 10 seconds to HACK the program

2006: Hacker testified under oath it’s impossible to protect e-voting machines

With early voting underway already, more examples are cropping up of electronic voting machines recording “OBAMA” where “ROMNEY” was chosen. The latest come from Ohio and North Carolina, both hotly contested battleground states each candidate needs to win.

Oddly enough (yeah, right), the “errors” only seem to work in that one direction: ROMNEY votes handed over to OBAMA.

The same problems popped up in 2008 and 2010. And they ALL FAVORED DEMOCRATS.

October 31, 2012: Voter Machines AUTO-VOTE for Obama [2:05]

If you experience anything wrong, report it IMMEDIATELY.

Call the TRUE the VOTE Hotline 855-779-2000.

Or email @

Visit website for more info @

Did You Know?

In 2008, the Netherlands became the first country in Europe to use electronic voting machines. But when convinced how easily they could be manipulated and tampered with, it became the first country to ban them.

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6 responses to “DEMAND a PAPER ballot!

  1. Polls have a margin of error. What is the margin of cheating? Obviously, they only have to manipulate so-much in key states to secure the electoral votes, but how much of this Romney landslide are they going to have to negate? Flipside, how much of a landslide does it have to be to negate their cunning, pervasive cheating? Will 120% voter turnout in some places be necessary to re-elect the empty throne?

    GAAAHHHHH! When it hits me that TOO CLOSE TO HALF OF AMERICANS not only think Barack Obama is the greatest thing since Christmastime Holiday red-creme filled Oreos (implication intended), it is only because I am so astonished, aghast, dumbfounded, and horrified to outright weep for the future.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I know how you feel. The ticking down clock up right makes my tummy flip flop and my heart and lungs kind of squeeze shut.

      The battle is not just between political factions, but between truth and lies, honesty and cheating.

      Our God is the god of Truth. There is no deceit in him. Satan is the Father of Lies.

      Our spiritual weapons are Scripture, prayer and fasting. … oh that gives me a good idea for today’s prayer post.


  2. Been meaning to ask for a couple of days, did this get mentioned on here? From Sarah Palin’s facebook page, 2012 Presidential election pre-announced briefly on Arizona television station — 99% reporting, Obama over Romney 43% to 40%.

    Just a random glitch, any sensible person would assume. But my inner Alex Jones makes me wonder if the final numbers will come out to this…


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Sounds like a subliminal advertising moment. Let’s pray it works to keep lazy Democrat voters home.

      I feel that we do not just need a victory, but a decisive victory. Romney needs to get a lot of important stuff accomplished in his first 100 days. If the Dems keep him tied up with vote dispute lawsuits like they did Bush, we’ll all suffer.


  3. GP

    Rasputin is awfully confident, just like last time. I know they think they can cheat their way to a victory, but I still believe there are going to be so many of US voting, that no amount of cheating will overcome it.
    Plus, all those demwits who are suffering from Sandy, have more important things to do than vote. And they are all over the TV demanding help. If they do not get it, they will blame barry.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ooh … I hadn’t thought of THAT. Blaming him for not having someone come in to clean up for them. Ha!

      There was a terrible mess after Hurricane Agnes in 1972. I went one day on a church bus to help clean up … stepped on a nail, had to have a tetanus shot, got so sick from the shot, I couldn’t go again.

      But I did do that one day. In the morning, we helped this dear older gentleman who had been rescued by a boat with his wife and grandkids who were there on a little sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa. The dam broke; he heard the siren, ran out and the bottom stair was wet. He ran upstairs, hustled everyone out of bed, ran back down with them and the water was up to the top of the porch steps and too deep to flee in their car.

      I helped empty out the washer; trucks were coming to remove all the appliances from flooded basements. I just wanted to cry … still do … thinking of this dear lady going down to start a load of her grandkids’ clothes before bed. It had been some weeks since they fled; her husband said she hadn’t been able to being herself to come back and face the devastation.

      The water line was up above the top of the couch in the living room, which was at the level of the front porch, about 6 or 7 steps up from street level. We also washed out her china collection; each little teacup that had been so lovingly displayed had puddles of mud in it.

      His stamp collection was huge; soaked and I don’t know if it could be saved. I heard some of the really valuable paper stuff at the local museum was frozen to preserve it, but I’ve always figured he just lost his lifetime of collecting. Maybe he’d inherited some of it too. It was just so SAD.

      At lunchtime, he was so gracious, trying to give us a nice place to eat our sack lunches in his devastated home, thanking us again and again for coming at all when we didn’t have to. Our town didn’t get hit. He was so sweet. So dear. Still makes me weepy.

      Then, in the afternoon, we went to another house, where we cleaned out a mountain of sporting equipment from the garage and rec room. You name a sport, it seemed like they had the stuff. I had to wonder how anyone could seriously engage in so many hobbies and if they were more the type who liked to buy and dabble, then move on to the next fad thing.

      That couple had gotten a trailer from FEMA and we showed up to help shovel them out. All they did all afternoon while we were there, sweating in the stinking heat (and stepping on nails) was BITCH. They bitched about how slow the government was to give them stuff and how unfair it was that THEY got hit when other people (like us) had not.

      I had just turned 18 that summer. It was a very eye-opening day, that one.