Sandy’s Choice

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5 responses to “Sandy’s Choice

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    We’re fine here. Power’s on. No rain. No wind. Thanks for any prayers you sent my way. Power outages are a real problem for me. I looked at NYSEG’s outage map and we’re in this bizarre “thumb” of “on” … everyone west, east and south of us is out. !!


  2. What A Hoot

    So sick of Obama’s use of “folks”, the way he uses it, the way he inflects it, it is really getting under my skin, which I suspect is the all-along intent of using the word.


  3. Unbelievable. Glad you got teh power, Chrissy. I just talked to somebody in Pennsylvania this morning, and they were good, too. So far. Hopefully you won’t get zapped a couple times today as they shift around the load. Good luck.


  4. GP

    Remember how Mechelle was telling everyone to go vote early because your toilet may overflow?
    Isn’t the Hudson River one big toilet?
    God sure has a sense of humor!