Covering His Fannie

Who Really Caused Our Economic Crisis?

People who voted Democrat in 2008 have got no (good) excuses this time. This video was made before the 2008 election. We told them what Obama and his cronies were all about. They elected the whole kit and kaboodle anyway. And now we’re stuck with the consequences.


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7 responses to “Covering His Fannie

  1. GP

    I swear there is a vast left wing conspiracy.
    All the conservative websites I go to are so slow all of a sudden. I have no problem with other stuff. As I mentioned, Drudge is the worst. Are they trying to keep people from getting information?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You mentioned Drudge yesterday and I thought it was probably because the site was being swamped with hits. I hope and pray the general trend you’re seeing is from people who have gotten fed up with the liberal media and are SEEKING information. That and/or the hurricane. I tried to access Archbishop Dolan’s blog tonight and it wouldn’t load at all. Made me wonder if his server is down.


  2. GP

    I have tried to post a link several times, could you see if it is being blocked? I truly think the webmasters are trying to stifle information to certain sites.


    • GP, I just rescued several of your comments from the spam folder. I have no idea why they ended up there, but I’m glad you alerted me to the problem. Sometimes the spam folder contains just a few comments, and I can check to see if there are any legitimate comments and de-spam them. But sometimes there are dozens and dozens of them, and I lack the patience to go through the entire list to see if any of them are legit. It’s generally pretty rare for a legitimate comment (especially from a regular commenter!) to get stuck in spam, but it does happen. Let me know right away if any more of your comments fail to post.