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Two days without a Grudge Report. ::sniff::


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    In a unanimous vote at a rare emergency meeting held late Friday afternoon, Virginia’s State Board of Elections asked state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate a video report that caught the field director for Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Moran’s campaign in an apparent conspiracy to commit election fraud.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., R-N.C., has introduced a resolution declaring that should the president use offensive military force without authorization of an act of Congress, “it is the sense of Congress” that such an act would be “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.”


  3. chrissythehyphenated


    Oct 26, 2012: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

    Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. Consulate and subsequent attack several hours later was denied by officials in the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to “stand down” rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11.


    Did MSNBC suddenly grow some integrity or is “blame the CIA” the latest Word from Obama?


    • this one is going to be fun because the CIA have denied it was them.

      The stand down order either came from AFRICOM or from the White House. There is no other explanation.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    An Apology to Mitt Romney October 24, 2012 By Charles: “I remember this time last year bashing Mitt Romney and his RINO surrogates as the GOP primary season began. Whether it was the fact that RINOs supported him at all or that from the medical care in Massachusetts to his vicious attacks on fellow Republicans, there was something at the time that I did not like. I did not like being told by people like Ann Coulter and Peggy Noonan that Mitt was the only one who could beat Obama. I thought for sure that Romney could not stand up against the relentless attacks from Obama tying Obamacare to Mitt’s Massachusetts insurance program, nor would he present an effective conservative agenda. I feared he was not serious about tackling the issues of the budget. State after state chose Mitt during the primary and I pulled my hair out at my fellow Republicans for sending us off the cliff. Or so I thought. I was wrong.” Read the rest @ http://misfitpolitics.co/2012/10/an-apology-to-mitt-romney/


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Ten Minutes in PC Land … Or, the time I visited an Obama For America office.

    She really did … it was enlightening. Or maybe not so much for us. About what you’d expect, which she summed up as “Ignorance, sexism, lying, lousy campaigning, and breaking the First Amendment. This is the face of Obama For America. Pardon me for wanting a president that is intelligent, truthful, pro-life, and not a bigot.”


  6. chrissythehyphenated

    Excellent tweet: Jamie Radtke ‏@jamieradtke
    “Obama treats women like whores. He wants to buy your vote for a free pack of condoms! Just say no! #Obama #waronwomen”


  7. chrissythehyphenated

    Another tweet: John C. ‏@JCinQC
    “On Nov 6 I will be voting for @MittRomney because Brian Terry, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods & Glen Doherty can’t.”


  8. chrissythehyphenated

    Tweet by Bill Hobbs ‏@billhobbs
    “If unemployment was 1% and gas was 10 cents a gallon, Obama would STILL deserve defeat for letting Americans die in Libya “


  9. chrissythehyphenated

    Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama’s Policies


  10. KellyM.

    Kind of off topic to post here…but this is something that I think you guys might want to see…Enjoy! http://conservativebyte.com/2012/10/steven-crowders-parody-of-lena-dunhams-obama-ad-my-first-time/


  11. Ting

    We had tickets to see Mitt Romney across the street at the University for today, but they went to Ohio instead due to the threat of the storm. I was disappointed about that, but better safe than sorry. So far so good with storm issues here, but all the schools are closed tomorrow, and I think most of the local government offices, too. We will probably lose power at the very least, but I feel very lucky so far.


    • I’m keeping you and all the rest of our little group that are in the path of the storm in my prayers. Stay safe, warm, and dry!


    • Mitt Romney is fast becoming “my hero”. As a proactive move, Romney is going to use his campaign bus to gather up supplies for those in areas affected by the storm. It is not just the bus swinging through Ohio, but also the bus to be used by Ann whose appearance in New Hampshire has been cancelled. The big thing is the part about provisions for those affected by the storm.

      Crickets from the DNC and OFA