Our military deserve better

Who am I kidding? This is personal. MY KIDS DESERVE BETTER!

Obama slept while Americans were killed


Evidence is coming out that someone in the Obama administration ORDERED the military to NOT go in and rescue the ambassador. The truth about this needs to be told and told again.

The Lars Larson Show – Oct 24, 2012 [14:29]


Charles Woods, Father of Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Who Gave His Life in Benghazi … “in six more days, he would have been home”

Larson: “Today I got a call, out of the blue, from the father of one of the Americans who was murdered in Benghazi, Libya Charles Woods explained that he never calls talk shows, but was upset over news he had heard and just decided to call me. He talked about his son, Tyrone Woods, who was killed along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and two other Americans who were trying to save the life of the Amb. After 37 years, there are still days that this business takes your breath away.”

I was so struck by this man’s impression of Obama and Clinton. One of my military kids met President Bush on the South Lawn in 2007. She was utterly whelmed by how intense and sincere he was, looking the warriors directly in the eyes “like he was looking down into our souls” and thanking them for their service. These were kids, out of basic, but still training for their MOS. What a contrast to the cold fish treatment this Gold Star Dad got from the frauds in this administration. It sickens me.

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