Cuba’s nightmarish hospitals

In Cuba, the only legal medical care is via the government-controlled system that pays doctors and other health professionals appallingly bad wages.

2010 Dozens of Mental Patients Died of Hunger and Hypothermia in Mazzorra Psychiatric Hospital in Havana
WARNING: Very graphic and disturbing images reminiscent of Holocaust victims

Amnesty International reported in 1995

In Cuba, there have been allegations in recent years that not only the criminally insane but also political prisoners have been sent to forensic wards of state psychiatric institutions where they are kept in unhygienic and dangerous conditions and where they are exposed to ill-treatment either at the hands of staff or fellow inmates. In 1988 Amnesty International visited the Havana Psychiatric (Mazorra) Hospital in Havana. The delegation was permitted to visit one of the forensic wards – the Sala Carbó Serviá. However, the existence of a second forensic ward, the Sala Castellanos, was denied by a hospital official. It was this ward which was alleged to present harsh conditions and to be used for the punishment of prisoners.


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