This never was “Bush’s mess”

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    Romney/Ryan 2012


  2. This never was “Bush’s mess”

    You can say that again!

    As I said in my post, note that President George W. Bush inherited the Dot Com bust and the 9/11/2001 attacks, and that employment was negatively affected by both.

    Note the effect of the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts (signed on May 28, 2003) – one can clearly see that they turned the economy around and employment rose again.

    And while the Bush Tax Cuts lowered tax rates, they led to HIGHER tax revenues in FY 2004 than FY 2003, HIGHER tax revenues in FY 2005 than FY 2004, HIGHER tax revenues in FY 2006 than FY 2005, and HIGHER tax revenues in FY 2007 than FY 2006. By FY 2007, revenues where a whopping 44% larger than they had been just four years earlier in FY 2003!

    Looking again at the graph above, note that over the course of 12 continuous years of majority-Republican control, the average Employment-population ratio was 63.3%.

    Note that Bush-Republican recovery peaked just above that average at 63.4% in December 2006.

    Note that the recovery ended when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took control of the House and Senate in January 2007.

    Note that the Democrats, including then-Senators Obama, Biden, and Clinton, were in majority control when the economy went in the ditch. Even so, note that the worst month under Bush was better than the best month under Obama.

    Note that over the course of the last nearly 6 years of majority-Democrat control, the average Employment-population ratio has been 60.1%, and under the last nearly 4 years of the Obama administration, the average has been 58.7%.

    Note that Obama has been at or below his average since September 2009. Obama has not been above his average since August 2009. His best months of Employment-population ratio came from what he “inherited” from President George W. Bush.

    Note that there has been NO RECOVERY for over three straight years.

    It’s time for a NEW DIRECTION.

    It’s time for a CHANGE.

    We need to go BACK to where employment was under Republican majorities, not “Forward” like this:

    or like this:


  3. And to those who believe Obama and Biden’s claims of who’s to blame, let’s take a look at something Biden said at the Vice Presidential debate:

    “By the way, they talk about this great recession like it fell out of the sky–like, ‘Oh my goodness, where did it come from?’” Biden said. “It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, at the same time, put a prescription drug plan on the credit card, a trillion dollar tax cut for the very wealthy.”

    “I was there, I voted against them,” Biden continued. “I said, no, we can’t afford that.”

    The truth is that then-Senator Biden voted for the Afghanistan resolution on Sept. 14, 2001, and he voted for a resolution authorizing unilateral military action in Iraq on Oct. 11, 2002.

    Biden was LYING about how he voted on those two wars. And both wars were already in motion when the second part of the Bush Tax Cuts were signed on May 28, 2003.

    By Fiscal Year 2007, both wars and the Bush Tax Cuts had been active for several years. What was the deficit in FY 2007?

    LESS THAN $161 Billion!

    Check the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) numbers for yourself here:

    FY 2007 was the last budget passed by a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Republican President (passed by the 2006 Republican Congress and signed by President Bush). And repeating for emphasis, the last Republican budget produced a deficit of less than $161 Billion.

    Fast forward just two years to FY 2009 when Obama signed the Pelosi-Reid FY 2009 budget, which produced our nation’s first deficit over $1 Trillion.

    Since then, Vice President Biden, who is also President of the Senate, has failed to see the Senate produce a budget for FY 2010, FY 2011, FY 2012, and now FY 2013. But that hasn’t stopped the annual accumulation of well over a Trillion dollars of new debt a year. Democrats, since they took majority control, have driven the national debt from a total of $9 Trillion to now well over $16 Trillion, in less than 6 years!

    Repeating for emphasis one more time, the last Republican budget produced a deficit of less than $161 Billion.

    And the last full month that Republicans held the House, Senate, and Presidency, December 2006, what was the unemployment rate at that time?


    One of the biggest Obama/Biden lies is that they “inherited” a bad economy. They were both Senators on January 3, 2007 when the new Democrat majority (Pelosi House, Reid Senate) “inherited” 4.4% unemployment and a deficit less than $161 Billion.

    It is the Democrats who made both unemployment and deficits skyrocket. And it’s not because of the wars. It’s because of what the Democrats did to the housing and financial markets.

    Watch Maxine Waters and other Democrats accuse Republicans of racism as the Republicans tried to increase regulation of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and Democrats covered up the corruption.

    And let’s not forget that Obama specifically asked President Bush to request the second half of the TARP money, saying that it would be “irresponsible” not to…

    “I felt that it would be irresponsible for me, with the first $350 billion already spent, to enter into the administration without any potential ammunition should there be some sort of emergency or weakening of the financial system.”

    – Barack Hussein Obama II
    January 13, 2009
    U.S. Seeks Rest of Bailout Cash


  4. TRUE or FALSE: The last budget passed by a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Republican President (for FY 2007) produced a smaller deficit than either of the budgets produced by Bill Clinton with a Democratic Congress (FY 1994 and FY 1995).


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    You guys are better at this than I am, but I remember seeing a pie chart of % of GDP spending for the past presidents. Bush had a lower % for military spending than Clinton or Obama.
    Any idea how to find it?


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