Conversation with an Obama Supporter

[Saw this at facebook and wanted to share, because “Me” (not Chrissy me) did such an outstanding job of keeping it factual, not personal, and responding with historical data. Obot repeated typical DNC talking points; Me’s response is a model for the rest of us on this.]

Obot: The economy may not be all that great, but Obama stopped the bleeding from the mess that he inherited from Bush. He deserves 4 more years.

Me: Reagan inherited a bigger mess than Obama.

Obot: Obama inherited a depression and Reagan had a depression during his first two years in office.

Me: So you are admitting that Reagan turned around his economy in 2 years; yet Obama has had 4 years. Remember the landslide Reagan victory in 1984? What were those policies that Reagan implemented to cause that economic recovery? Tax Cuts.

Obot: Different times call for different measures. They didn’t work for Bush. Reagan wasn’t fighting 2 wars.

Me: Really? Tax cuts have worked every time they are implemented. During the 60’s with the Kennedy tax cuts; during the 80’s with the Reagan tax cuts and yes, even during the Bush years. Bush inherited a recession and then America got hit with 9/11/01. Our economy was hit with a double whammy. The unemployment under Bush never got as high as the lowest under Obama. In fact, by his own admission tax cuts work; he signed the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010 and during a Primary debate in 2008.

Charlie Gibson: “When the rate dropped, revenues from the tax increased; the government took in more money; and in the 1980’s when the tax was increased to 28%, the revenues went down. So why raise it at all?
Obama: “I would look at raising the Capital Gains tax for purposes of fairness”

Obama doesn’t look at taxes as a way to raise funds for the government, he looks at it as means of getting even with the rich.

As far as Reagan not fighting two wars; do you not remember the Cold War and how Reagan was instrumental in the fall of The Berlin Wall and the bankrupting of the U.S.S.R.?

[Conversation ended, because Obot dropped out. One hopes s/he was sufficiently gobsmacked by facts to need a time out to ponder, maybe even go look stuff up and LEARN the TRUTH.]


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Woohoo!! I not only beat Bob at Scrabble, but I also scored my personal life-time HIGH score EVAH … 431 pts. Eeek!!


    • Hey, it’s not nice to gloat.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        “Gloating” would have been posting the board graphic as a blog entry ROFLLL. This was just a very, teensy, weensy, itty, bitty, practically insignificant tooting of my own excited cuz I did so good horn. ;o)


    • My personal favorite Scrabble move was the time I got 31 points for the word “bus”.
      The “b” was on triple word score in the top right corner, and the “s” became the new last letter in my opponent’s previous 15-point word. While “bus” would ordinarily be a 5-point word, I got 31 because (3 X 5) + (15 +1) = 31.

      I was playing against my then-girlfriend’s mother, who was a newspaper journalist, and she made much more complicated words, but I won because I made good use of the bonus squares. I don’t remember the final score, but I don’t think it was anywhere close to 431… something closer to 300 is probably more like it.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        300 is a good score. I’m usually in the mid 200s. I just had GREAT tiles. (I had to change that from racks. Ahem.)

        Best play I remember seeing … just cuz it tickled me so much … a friend played ONE letter and got … 41 points I think? Whew, it was in 1972, so not totally sure exact points.


        • (I had to change that from racks. Ahem.)



          • Heh! That was a good giggle from Chrissy.

            Quick watercooler story from 1992. I had just arrived at work out in Sunnyvale, CA, after my morning bike commute (no, wasn’t doing it to save the planet – too broke to afford gas), and I noticed that the SUV of one of our young lady engineers had a new custom roof rack. It was a really beautiful Thule number set up for bikes and skis and gear. We knew Liz and her husband Marty well, and shared a lot of the same outdoor interests, so I took envious notice of the rack. After I dragged my pannier pack and helmet down the hall on the way to the showers, I ran into Liz in a group of other male engineers talking about the usual crap. I joined in for a few minutes, with me in my bike gear, the guys in their Silicon Valley uniforms and Liz in her stunningly-attractive figure-flattering business suit. After a while, the subject turned to skiing, and I blurted out: “Liz, I was just lusting after your rack! It’s awesome; I couldn’t help but drool a little as I came in.” All the guys jaws hit the floor – in unison – and their faces started some odd contortion thing as Liz jumped in: “I KNOW! I’m so proud of it! Marty has been saving up for a while, and we both wanted a really nice set, and we’re so happy with the way it turned out.” We continued on chatting happily in “gear-talk,” vaguely amused but mostly oblivious to the exploding heads around us. Finally, one of the dudes insisted on pointing out that we obviously had no idea how obscene we were being. “Don’t you idiots realize what “rack” means? Neither one of us did. After they explained, Liz said something like, “Well, that’s F%@king stupid. A rack is something on a male deer. How can that have anything to do with boobs?” 😀


        • If there is an empty triple letter square with an A, E, or O to the left and an A, E, or O above, you can get 50 points by playing the X on the triple. This also works if there is an I or a U to the right and an I or a U below.

          If there is an empty triple letter square with an O to the right and an O below, you can get 50 points by playing the J.

          If there is an empty triple letter square with an A to the right and an A below, you can get 62 points by playing the Z. Substitute I and Q in the last example and that’s also worth 62.

          Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂


      • My favorite word was the time I made QUETZAL with both the Q and Z on triple letter squares (115 points). Not my highest-scoring word, but still my favorite. I actually made more points once off the word TRILLION, even though each letter in it is worth only one point, because it spanned two triple word scores and thus was multiplied by nine (plus the fifty-point bonus).

        My experience has been that, in general, low-score letters are preferable to high-score letters, because it’s much easier to make a bingo with the low-scorers. Once in a blue moon I’ll make a bingo like QUETZAL or JONQUIL or OXYGEN or QUIXOTIC, but most of my bingos are made either entirely or mostly with low-score letters.

        One time I was playing against my brother, and he was complaining that he was getting nothing but one-point letters. I explained to him why those one-pointers are good, and why he should be glad to get them. As it happened, in that particular game I got the Z, the Q, the X, and the J — and my brother beat me, which just proved my point.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I love learning Scrabble tips from an old hand like Bob. :o)

          At facebook, she has more than 400 Bingos on record. I asked how many games she’d played and it was almost the same number! To me, a Bingo per game is stellar.

          I know the tournament types go for 3, but I don’t even want to play at that level. Bob and Mama Buzz are GREAT opponents for me, just enough better than I am that I can play my very best, learn a lot and be thrilled when I manage to win. We’ve got two games going each, which is just enough to stretch my brain a little every day … stave off seniorility!

          Online is also great for learning, because nobody gets annoyed if you take ages to find THE best play you can. I use a couple of Scrabble hint sites and try to look up a few new words each day.


          • There’s a lot of luck involved in Scrabble, but also a lot of strategy. The most important skill is knowing which tiles to hoard and which ones to jettison… and knowing which tiles you should never, ever waste on a word that doesn’t get you at least forty or fifty points. This seems to be a tough one for a lot of people to learn.

            Another thing that often takes beginners a long time to learn: Longer is not necessarily better (unless it’s a bingo); and sometimes it’s not in your interest to make the word that gets you the most points, if by so doing you open up a really good opportunity for your opponent or squander tiles that you should be hoarding for your next bingo.


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