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This never was “Bush’s mess”

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Oct 23, 2012 Pray for Our Nation

So Jesus answered and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed, and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done. And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matt 21:21-22

O Lord, Strengthen our faith. Help us to never doubt Your Word or Your faithfulness. Lift us up that we may boldly proclaim Your truth each and every day. Let us be sensitive to the leading of Your spirit and never forget that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13). Lord, we praise You because Your mercies are new every morning, and Your faithfulness is great. Amen.

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Conversation with an Obama Supporter

[Saw this at facebook and wanted to share, because “Me” (not Chrissy me) did such an outstanding job of keeping it factual, not personal, and responding with historical data. Obot repeated typical DNC talking points; Me’s response is a model for the rest of us on this.]

Obot: The economy may not be all that great, but Obama stopped the bleeding from the mess that he inherited from Bush. He deserves 4 more years.

Me: Reagan inherited a bigger mess than Obama.

Obot: Obama inherited a depression and Reagan had a depression during his first two years in office.

Me: So you are admitting that Reagan turned around his economy in 2 years; yet Obama has had 4 years. Remember the landslide Reagan victory in 1984? What were those policies that Reagan implemented to cause that economic recovery? Tax Cuts.

Obot: Different times call for different measures. They didn’t work for Bush. Reagan wasn’t fighting 2 wars.

Me: Really? Tax cuts have worked every time they are implemented. During the 60’s with the Kennedy tax cuts; during the 80’s with the Reagan tax cuts and yes, even during the Bush years. Bush inherited a recession and then America got hit with 9/11/01. Our economy was hit with a double whammy. The unemployment under Bush never got as high as the lowest under Obama. In fact, by his own admission tax cuts work; he signed the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010 and during a Primary debate in 2008.

Charlie Gibson: “When the rate dropped, revenues from the tax increased; the government took in more money; and in the 1980’s when the tax was increased to 28%, the revenues went down. So why raise it at all?
Obama: “I would look at raising the Capital Gains tax for purposes of fairness”

Obama doesn’t look at taxes as a way to raise funds for the government, he looks at it as means of getting even with the rich.

As far as Reagan not fighting two wars; do you not remember the Cold War and how Reagan was instrumental in the fall of The Berlin Wall and the bankrupting of the U.S.S.R.?

[Conversation ended, because Obot dropped out. One hopes s/he was sufficiently gobsmacked by facts to need a time out to ponder, maybe even go look stuff up and LEARN the TRUTH.]


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As I watched the debate last night I was dumbfounded as to why Romney was not blistering Obama on Benghazi,Iran and so many other foreign policy failings.It seemed like he wanted to be his bestest buddy,agreeing on a lot of what Obama was asserting.It was not until later,when numerous pundits offered their opinions and I watched some of the clips that go up on youtube, almost instantly  realized what Romney did was pure genius.

Obama came in itching for a fight,wanting to put as much distance as he could between the two of them and labeling Romney as the second coming of George Bush.All he ultimately accomplished was to come across as rude,condescending,ill-tempered and overall a gigantic phallus.As he went through his histrionics,Romney just smiled politely,no doubt thinking:just keep talking,pal,you’re hanging yourself and you don’t even realize it.The far left were hungry for this type of overt aggression,but it could not have played well with more rational people.

Romney managed to steer the debate from foreign policy back to the economy,which is by far the most important consideration for nearly the whole electorate.Still,he did his research and was prepared for any policy question that came up.He came across as calm,rational,intelligent,a far cry from the divisive style of the current occupant of the People’s House.We will know in a short 14 days which path our nation will tread.I’m more optimistic as the time of judgment draws near.


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