Rasmussen and Gallup before final debate

October 21, 2012 at Rasmussen – Likely Voters Nationwide

Romney 49% vs. Obama 47% vs. Other 1% vs. Undecided 2%


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6 responses to “Rasmussen and Gallup before final debate

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    The President of the United States is apparently having a fire sale. The Obama / Biden campaign sent out an email on Saturday with a headline that any internet marketer would love, complete with stars and ALL CAPS. The email subject line is “? Our biggest sale EVER ?” and it promises big big savings of 30% off of everything (minimum order, $10) PLUS guaranteed delivery by election day at the “Last Call Sale.” But don’t order yet! The commander-in-chief will ALSO give you free shipping!

    Quick … click now and get your discounted Obama crap before it’s all gone, or before his big fat loan comes due, whichever comes first.


  3. Pistol Pete

    I didn’t link to this yesterday because it sounded so absurd I thought it was from The Onion.


  4. KellyM.

    Romnesia? Don’t you love how he goes around acting like Romney is the incumbent and doesn’t remember any of the shi* disguised as hope he tried to sell us four years ago. The size of his set never ceases to amaze me.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You meant how small they are, right? Or missing. IMHO, Valerie has one and Michelle has the other. They keep them in their handbags. Or maybe in little boxes on their dressers with all their other horrific jewelry. (I’m a jeweler, so my mind naturally went to places you don’t want me to go here. You’re welcome. LOL)

      Obama reminds me most of a kid whose indulgent or mostly absent parents let him get away with most anything he pulls.

      In Clinton’s case, I think it was indulgent parents who let him charm and lie to get his way.

      In Obama’s case, I’m more inclined to think absent parenting, the kind of people who don’t listen even when they’re there, so when he says, “But I always said” or whatever bs he yaps (click on any video of any speech), they believe it because they don’t KNOW what he said and they don’t CARE enough to get mad or involved or bother with the hassle of disciplining him.

      Neither of these parenting styles grow up real men, which is why both of them turned out so badly. It’s a real sign of the degradation of Democrat voters in this country that they thought either, never mind both, were fit for the White House.

      Maybe it’s because they aborted so many of their own kids. They have no idea how to be parents. Heck, I don’t think they know how to be adults!